“Sensual Differences”

The word sensual takes on different shapes based on the individual considering the word. For some sensuality is nothing more than another word for sexy. For other’s sensuality is a connection with the senses which enhances and drives their very existence. There are others that enjoy a fun combination of the two definitions. Today as I was working on my plot I considered what avenue I was taking with the word sensual within my text. The fickle scribbles edition today is a result of that brain storming session. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Women like her are exactly what defines my manhood. It is the very essence which she sends off into the void between us which explains the fundamental differences we own. She sits in her hard wooden chair in a state of grace and elegance making my slumped and sloppy presentation so much more wanting. Her dainty hand which mindlessly caress her face as she reads demands my attention commanding my eyes to attention. Her eyes bounce from line to line across her text hypnotizing me and sending me into a deep trance. The way she bites her lip and mouths the words she reads builds charges in the air between us. Waves of brown hair cascade down her shoulders beckoning my fingers to touch their soft luxurious silky strands. Her soft feminine charm perfectly contrasts my hard manly exterior. I cannot help but to be attracted to her flawless sensuality. The rise and fall rhythm of her breathing seems to take my own breath completely from my chest. 

Suddenly I feel my face redden and my body tenses demanding I react. I feel the heat rapidly building in my body. How is it with a glance my way I suddenly feel like a molten volcano ready to explode. Our eyes meet, she has caught me examining her beauty. Am I breathing? In that very instant she reacts just exactly the way I’d assume a perfect sensual being would. A warm sweet smile is formed from her perfectly smooth lips, her dark eyelashes flutter, she bites her lip and mouths, “hello” then sinks back into her book with grace. Just when I thought she could not be any more beautiful a red tint warms her face. 

In that very moment my body responds and finds itself walking towards this electric charge…
– Shy Willow
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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