Book Notes 10/25/14

Today’s writing is an exert from the book I am currently working on. I hope you enjoy the character introductions. Please keep in mind I am sharing my work and ask that no portion be copied or reused without prior written permission. Sharing posts and post address via social media is welcome and appreciated.

          My office is bright and clean giving off the feel of a corporate meeting room. Seated in my leather desk chair I always take a few minutes to prepare myself for the upcoming appointments. This particular meeting requires my best work. I calm myself putting away any stress that my interfere my thoughts and muddy my emotions. I love my job. Studying people is something I grew practiced at early on in life and to be able to take something I enjoy and apply it in a career setting is very fulfilling.
     “Yes Susan?”
     “Your 2 o’clock is here”.
     “Early as expected. Thank you Susan, show him in precisely at 2 please.”
     “Yes of course, is there anything else I can do for you Ma’am”?
     “No, Susan thank you.”
          Susan is a tall beautiful woman. Her blonde hair is the stuff that day dreams and movies are made from. Tall and thin though not lacking for tone or shapeliness in anyway, she is certainly the most attractive assistant I have employed. Her flawless legs are strong but amazingly feminine. Always clean and tidy but never overly flaunted nor heavily perfumed she has the look of a woman on the top of a fortune 500 company.
          Ironically her inward self does not at all reflect the gorgeous body she could easily be proud of. Susan is well aware that she is permitted to call me by first name. She knows that I maintain a more comfortable setting for my employees, yet she still refers to me formally and with the utmost of respect. She often apologizes for things out of her control and well outside the parameters of her responsibility. I worry about Susan’s submissive spirit especially in our line of work. Perhaps her submissiveness in the long run is exactly what the front desk needed. Either way her work ethic is flawless, her appearance is equally flawless and she is the hardest working assistant I have had the pleasure of working with. 
– Shy Willow
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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