Edgar Allen Poe is my favorite author because he can use words to make a person see, feel and hear a scene. His artful imagery may to some be seen as dark and at times concerning. To others however his work symbolized a masterful work of art painted with words to be seen, felt and cherished.

Every writer has a style of their own which develops over time and practice. Some writers are born with a natural talent while most others develop skills over a lifetime. 

Writers are writers worst nightmares. The things night terrors and anxiety is made of. However, writers are also the audience which helps us to grow and develop our own skills and style.

I am finding my style and have enjoyed the sandpaper which has been wearing away at it over the years. Though I generally focus my efforts on an entirely different genre I cannot but help to be drawn to writing something sensual and beautiful. I realize not everyone will appreciate these writings but I know that there are plenty who do. 

So when I have friends ask me what I write about I generally reply “everything”. Many times this prompts the question, “like what”? When my basic reply is not accepted then I reply like this…

I love coffee. The hot smooth mug in my hands is so fulfilling. Something about the steam engulfing my face brings back the most passionate of memories. Drawing the steam closer and closer I feel the anticipation building. When the hot ceramic mug finally contacts my lips my mouth waters with desire. I linger, letting the heat envelope and consume me. Finally the sweet, creamy, hot liquid flows into my mouth sliding over my tongue. I enjoy the sensation as it eases down to the very center of me, fulfilling my every anticipation. My every need met as I savor the flavor and deep sensation.
-Shy Willow

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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