Prompt Writing 10/22/14

Today’s post comes from a prompt which includes a place, temperature and color. I was given hotel, hot and red. I hope you enjoy today’s free writing adventure. Feel free to give me my next prompt in the comments below. 

Escaping to her hotel room Gina finally relaxed in the cool comfort. The heat from the day was tiring and at times overwhelming. Sliding the extra lock closed against the cool door, she headed towards the interior of the dark room leaving behind a trail of discarded belongings and clothing. These business trips always wore her out leaving her drained and wanting. Upon reaching the bed and her suitcase, she selected an outfit. Her fingertips caressed the red material lingering in bliss a bit longer as the straps slipped effortlessly through her fingers. 

Sliding the smooth red material up her now bare legs she thought about the stress of her day and noted how the red material seemed to wash it all away as it flowed up her hot skin. After a quick knot she turned on her heels and headed for the door with nothing but a towel in her possession. Amazing how a red swimming suit empowered her revitalizing her very being after a day of stress and trying negotiations. Walking through the door which gave barrier to the cool room and the fierce heat outside she walked towards the pool, her strides not determined nor quick, but flowing and feminine. Gina guessed what the cool water would feel like enveloping her hot body washing away the rest of the day’s toil. 

-Shy Willow
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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