What’s Happening this Month? October 2014

October 2014

* In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Mom is going to “make it Pink” as a shout out to those lost, those fighting, and those we need to remind to take care of themselves.

Daily Observances

4th- World Animal Day
5th- International World Teachers Day
12th- Free Thought Day 
2nd Monday- Columbus Day
15th- Pregnancy and Infant loss Remembrance Day
16th- World Food Day
20th- Spirit Day
21st- Apple Day
22nd- International Stuttering Awareness Day
23rd- Mole Day
24th- United Nations Day
27th- Navy Day
31st- Halloween

Week Long Observances

National Fire Prevention Week
Children’s Book Week (England)

Month Long Observances

Down Syndrome Awareness Month
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Dwarfism/Little People Awareness Month
National Arts and Humanities Month
National Cyber Security Awareness Month
Pastor/Clergy Appreciation Month
National Pizza Month

Birthstone: tourmaline and opal
Flower: calendula
Zodiacs: Libra and Scorpio

Interested in some current events? Check out October 2014.

And because I couldn’t Help it…


Field marigold, sweet daisy, wild and free, delicate Calendula
Fragrant and useful, tasty and bright the medicinal Calendula
Under-appreciated, misunderstood the lonely soothing Calendula

In search to find the words to share the precious Calendula
Said to represent grief and jealousy, the kind Calendula 
In search to find the words to share the perfect Calendula  
By: Jenn Grossi

~ Thanks for Stopping by!!
~ Jenn aka. Mom

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~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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