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"Writing styles are not easy to come by, they are forged by fire, they are cooled by the tears of ones own eyes, and they are oiled by the authors own blood; sheathing that style is an entirely new level of pain." - Shy willow

Friday, September 5, 2014

Perfect Stranger

I love the expression "Perfect Stranger", a term which I have acquired a new appreciation for.  How often is it one of those "Perfect Strangers" ends up being a close friend, or even a new experience which seriously makes you feel sorry for another person (poor guy listened to me ramble forever).

For those who may not have heard the buzz, I joined my son's Karate class several months ago. I'd hoped to "do something with him". Turns out I fell in love with the class. I find I connect in a way nearly primal and hard to explain, but for some reason it just makes sense. I go, I work hard, I push my limits, and I leave feeling better and much more myself again.

During a practice run I was working with a man quite a bit taller than me. Focusing on technique I made contact with his nose, and reddened it slightly.
I believe my cheeks turned roughly the same color as I was embarrassed and felt terribly that I had done so. 

Of course afterwards it was only fitting that I ask the man his name, although I referred to him as Red Nose anyways. 

Some weeks have passed since then, as well as a break from training as I recovered from a recent illness. Last night I once again had an embarrassing run in with Red Nose, in which I landed a kick that I knew must have hurt. I popped several toes in the process and knew that the kick did not land where I had hoped it would. I felt awful, but funny enough so did he. I caught a block which was not supposed to happen, and ended up kicking his knee. Turns out we were both fine, and after visiting, pieced together what had gone wrong. 

Visiting with a couple classmates last night was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed laughing, learning, and being in a place where I feel calm as that is a very rare feeling for me. Red Nose and I visited for quite some time, and the poor good listener somehow got my word vomit all over him. I tried to make up for the painful experience by making sure I made him laugh on occasion. As the conversation went on it was quite chilly out, and I am pretty sure the name "Red Nose" was well fitting then also. 

There is comfort in meeting a person who can relate to struggles you have in your life. Whether or not Red and I ever actually talk again, he taught me a very good lesson. I fail to open up to people like I used to. I fail to connect to people beyond being polite. The more stress I gain, and the more overwhelming news I grasp, the less I am outgoing and seeking to uplift others at the same time. Trying to cope with the struggles and trials of the past few years has left me but a fragment of the person that I really am. 

I am thankful to you Red Nose for listening to my burdens, for no other reason than you are a kind and caring individual. I thank you for the reminder you gave me. I hope next week I don't kick your knee :)

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~ Jenn aka. Mom

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