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Friday, September 5, 2014

Mud Puppies

Copyright: A Mom's Handbook
Copyright : A Mom's Handbook
Copyright: A Mom's Handbook
Good evening Lovelies!!

During recess break today I noticed that my kiddos did not make their usual trips in and out of doors.

I went to examine the situation, peeked out the window, and saw my three beautiful darlings splashing shoe-less in a child-made pool which flooded their sandbox. 

Although I was not pleased that their clothing was coated in wed muddy sand, I could not help but think that their free play was a miracle to behold. They were building a dam together, no fighting, mud everywhere, determination and absolute joy in their focused intensity. 

My ah-hah moment was when I saw that look on their face's and I recalled from my own childhood times that I played with dirt, water and nature. I saw that sweet innocent look and instantly no longer cared about their jeans (though I was more than grateful they removed their shoes). I no longer cared that I'd have a mess to clean up when they came inside. 

I loved listening to their giggles as they cleaned up. I loved re-doing their hair after they had that fresh clean smell again. I loved the glow they had after enjoy the fresh air all afternoon. I loved that they reminded me a bit of my own simply joys. 

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~ Jenn aka. Mom

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