Where art thou Fall?

Fall is most certainly threatening to push away the summer swelter. There is still green leaves, green and brown grass and biting bugs to boot. So I am sure you can imagine my surprise when I learned that Thursday we are to be expecting snow… yes SNOW!!!!

I love fall. I love the smells, the baking, the family mingling, the weather, the crisp air, the poetry, fall art and that weird nesting thing that happens in the fall. You can imagine how I am feeling jaded in the upcoming fluffy cold stuff. The good news is that snow rarely sticks around this early. Perhaps in a twist of events we will actually have a fall that lasts more than 2 weeks.

I am planning some fun back to school foods. Pumpkin bread, cranberry orange scones and muffins, banana bread, some crock pot meals, and some fun rice recipes. 

The house has been decluttering and reorganizing. The girls have restarted their ballet and tap classes. Our new school curriculum is proving to be an excellent match for the kiddos. 

We’ve had a lot of added things to think about as of late. A routine check-up at the doctors office left me overwhelmed and anything but routine. However, I am calm again, and back to my optimistic self. I am always amazed how sometimes it is those very unpleasant happenings that remind you what is important in life, even if snow is on the way. 😉

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~ Jenn aka. Mom
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Shy Willow

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