Perfect Stranger

I love the expression “Perfect Stranger”, a term which I have acquired a new appreciation for.  How often is it one of those “Perfect Strangers” ends up being a close friend, or even a new experience which seriously makes you feel sorry for another person (poor guy listened to me ramble forever).

For those who may not have heard the buzz, I joined my son’s Karate class several months ago. I’d hoped to “do something with him”. Turns out I fell in love with the class. I find I connect in a way nearly primal and hard to explain, but for some reason it just makes sense. I go, I work hard, I push my limits, and I leave feeling better and much more myself again.

During a practice run I was working with a man quite a bit taller than me. Focusing on technique I made contact with his nose, and reddened it slightly.
I believe my cheeks turned roughly the same color as I was embarrassed and felt terribly that I had done so. 

Of course afterwards it was only fitting that I ask the man his name, although I referred to him as Red Nose anyways. 

Some weeks have passed since then, as well as a break from training as I recovered from a recent illness. Last night I once again had an embarrassing run in with Red Nose, in which I landed a kick that I knew must have hurt. I popped several toes in the process and knew that the kick did not land where I had hoped it would. I felt awful, but funny enough so did he. I caught a block which was not supposed to happen, and ended up kicking his knee. Turns out we were both fine, and after visiting, pieced together what had gone wrong. 

Visiting with a couple classmates last night was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed laughing, learning, and being in a place where I feel calm as that is a very rare feeling for me. Red Nose and I visited for quite some time, and the poor good listener somehow got my word vomit all over him. I tried to make up for the painful experience by making sure I made him laugh on occasion. As the conversation went on it was quite chilly out, and I am pretty sure the name “Red Nose” was well fitting then also. 

There is comfort in meeting a person who can relate to struggles you have in your life. Whether or not Red and I ever actually talk again, he taught me a very good lesson. I fail to open up to people like I used to. I fail to connect to people beyond being polite. The more stress I gain, and the more overwhelming news I grasp, the less I am outgoing and seeking to uplift others at the same time. Trying to cope with the struggles and trials of the past few years has left me but a fragment of the person that I really am. 

I am thankful to you Red Nose for listening to my burdens, for no other reason than you are a kind and caring individual. I thank you for the reminder you gave me. I hope next week I don’t kick your knee 🙂

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~ Jenn aka. Mom

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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