What’s Happening this Month? July 2014

July 2014

Daily Observances

7th Tanabata
9th Rock n Roll Day
14 Pandemonium Day
Independence Day Celebrations Globally
15th Cow Appreciation Day
15th Gummi Worm Day
19th Flitch Day 
22nd Foundation Day in Cleveland 
24th Pioneer Day in Utah
27th Take your Plants for a Walk Day

Week Long Observances

Captive Nations Week
National Unassisted Home Birth Week
Hug Week
Salad Week

Month Long Observances

Baked Beans Month
Blueberry Month
Fireworks Safety Month
Hitchhiking Month
Hot Dog Month

Birthstone: Ruby
Flower: Larkspur or Waterlily
Zodiacs: Cancer and Leo

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And because I couldn’t Help it…

Copyright Dave Granlund
 retrieved from :http://www.davegranlund.com/cartoons/2010/06/23/july-4th-and-miss-liberty-2/

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