Daily Garble Picture Edition

For those who were starting to wonder if perhaps I had died…. SURPRISE!!!

Wow! Talk about a wild ride. I have a lot to update but what can speak better than pictures?

So I’ve recently enjoyed a camping trip. My favorite part of the trip was laying on my back next to the river, watching the leaves of a large cottonwood tree sway in the gentle breeze above me. 

I cannot remember the last time I had done so. I cannot remember the last time I slowed down enough to actually feel the earth move. I cannot remember the last time I spread out on the earth and let it absorb my stress, anxiety, and worries. I have to say that was the most amazing feeling. I was under Mother Earth’s spell, mesmerized by leaves and the sound of rushing water, and for that hour or three I let her have me. 

The contrast of that and coming home was a bit much. However, it made clear that I need to work on correcting the levels of stress I have at home. I need to make more time to relax and unwind. I think that is a common occurrence for busy people.

Dark Purple Iris
First Tulip of Season

As promised, the yard is getting a lot of attention. New flowers, a patio, a fire pit, new shrubs, new grass and the removal of a drive gate. 

New Patio and Fire Pit

A few weekends ago my sister in law and her boyfriend drove several hours to hang out, and work their tails off helping with the yard. It was amazing to see the energy they brought with them. Our children loved their sweet spirited company and the yard is still a joy to roam. The garden leaves much to be desired, but I look forward to putting my hands to work there. The weather has not been the most cooperative however I will hardly complain at the amount of water we’ve received this spring.

My Toothless Sweet-Pea

All three kiddos got new bikes for the summer. Sweet-Pea is trying to overcome her fear of falling and learning to ride without her training wheels. Pumpkin rides around like a champ. Who-Rae picked out her bike and chose a bright orange bmx style set of wheels.

We recently started a summer program for the kids schooling. They enjoy it so much that it is hard to convince them that it is only meant to be done a little here and there. Who-Rae has enjoyed the program as well. I’ll put a review up for that very soon.

Sweet-Pea seems to be loosing teeth on near a daily basis. Poor thing really struggles to get through an apple these days.

Karate has gone very well. I feel as though I’ve found something that fits me. I recently promoted to the next belt, the ceremony is coming up soon and I look forward to earning that next level.

This past Monday was my first final in a year. I turned in my paper and am awaiting the results of my literary analysis of E.A. Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher. Part of me is nervous of course, not only was I out of academic shape, but I always am nervous submitting my work, my perfectionist never lets me be quite satisfied with my formal work. I am happy to be back at work studying, and learning, and headed towards my goal.

For Mother’s Day I decided that hand dipped strawberries were in order. I got to surprise my sweet Mother and Adorable sister with some pretty sweets. They were so fun and simple to make, and the the brought the best smiles to both of their faces.

I did however cheat for Father’s Day. Sad to admit, Dad and Conan both got large boxes of chocolates. The upside, they got pretty blue bows on them. 

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