Blood, Sweat, and Tears

"Writing styles are not easy to come by, they are forged by fire, they are cooled by the tears of ones own eyes, and they are oiled by the authors own blood; sheathing that style is an entirely new level of pain." - Shy willow

Friday, May 2, 2014

Terri Clark ~ Now That I Found You


Welcome to Music Mood Moments. Today a blast from the past, we have Terri Clark and her "Now That I Found You". I was fortunate enough to enjoy one of her concerts many years ago. Clark was the first performer that I had gotten to see live. Her music often reminds me of those sweet 16 years, my best friends of the time, and a fun transition in my life. 

I am often amazed by the triggers which bring on warm and wonderful memories.

I hope you've enjoyed today's Music Mood Moment. There are many more posted, and A Mom's Handbook has a YouTube playlist if you would like to check-out the entire collection.

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~ Jenn aka. Mom

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