Blood, Sweat, and Tears

"Writing styles are not easy to come by, they are forged by fire, they are cooled by the tears of ones own eyes, and they are oiled by the authors own blood; sheathing that style is an entirely new level of pain." - Shy willow

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Kellie Pickler "Didn't You Know How Much I Love You"

Good evening lovelies.

Hope this finds you all very well. We've had a busy week, they type that do not seem to end, but to roll into the next week. I a quite tired, I know the kiddos are also. 

Still, we've had a wonderful time. Lots of dancing, lots of pictures, and getting dressed up in several different costumes has been a good deal of fun. 

I hope you enjoy today's Music Mood Moment brought to you by Kellie Pickler and her "Didn't You Know How Much I Love You".

I started Music Mood Moments awhile ago, to show how music can express moods, feelings, and moments throughout your day. I hope you enjoy these brief moments. Although you may not quite relate to the song the same way that I do, nor will you likely share the same mood at the same time, I still feel music is an important part of life. I hope you enjoy the eclectic seasonings of A Mom's Handbook, stop by again soon to see what Mom is up to. 

~ Thanks for Stopping by!!
~ Jenn aka. Mom

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