Saved By the Giggle

Good Morning Lovelies!!

If you have been with be for any amount of time, I am sure you have read at least one of my daily garbles which included a day of follies, oops, frustrations, and “why on earth did that even happen”s. Congratulations!!! You get yet another one. However, with that being said, just as the normal ebb and flow goes, I like to end on a good note.

So this morning starts to roll much like any other morning. I get up “I did not sleep very long” but none the matter, I feel pretty good. So I get the laundromat started, get the dishes marching their way around the kitchen, and urge the kiddos to start their mornings as well. 

It has occurred to me recently that I am not drinking enough water, so I have been starting my mornings with a glass of water, EVEN BEFORE MY COFFEE!! If you can believe that, I hardly can.

So puttering around, having fed the kids, started my coffee YUM!!! and thinking, hmmm OK I am finally starting to feel hungry, I start myself two eggs. Out of the cupboard comes my new salsa jug, I shake it, and viola it slips, the eggs do a masterful triple axle through the air, bounce off the floor like a rubber ball, complete three back flips, then SPLAT on the floor. 


So I start the eggs again. While the eggs are doing their thing I take and open the stubborn seal of my spicy tomato topping, and the seal splatters my brand new white stripped shirt with red tomato staining mash. Yes!! It is going to be one of those days.

I promptly change shirts, luckily am between loads so throw in the sad shirt. Okay, so I know that not everyone gets my sense of humor, but really did you need to throw tomatoes at me, I mean seriously I am sensitive that was mean!! 

Back to my eggs. I walk into the living room to grab my computer to write down my sob story, because once I start writing, something always happens that makes me look up again. 

There in my favorite chair, is my son, entertaining his sisters with his Toy Story Woody doll, who is in a fight for his very life, scaling the side of the recliner one exhausting grasp at a time. The drama made me bust out in laughter, and before I knew it there was a chorus of little voices joining in on my new found light hearted relief. 

So here I sit, a tummy full of salsa’d up eggs, my cup of COFFEE!!!! and a soul quieted down by the sweet joy of laughter and innocence of childhood. The reminder that we are to live like children swirling around the peace they often bring my life. 

~ Thanks for Stopping by!!   
~ Jenn aka. Mom
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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