Spring “Clean”

Good afternoon Lovelies!

Winter seemed to last a very long time this year. I’ve been anxious to feel a bit of warmth finally reach our region. 

Spring cleaning seems to be an instinctual reaction to the season of new beginnings. I spent the better portion of last week tearing down, cleaning, reorganizing, purging, and putting away our classroom books, art supplies, and curriculum pieces. 

However, today I found myself doing a completely different kind of cleaning. Conan had put plates on the car, and I was visiting with him out the window as I was trying to clear up an issue with a payment we’d made. He pulled away and I seemed too comfy to leave my window peace.

I sat cross legged, with my head resting on my forearms as they found a comfy position on the fa-mica slab below the window. My eyes closed, the sun beat on my forearms and one exposed cheek, heating my skin with a warm radiance. 

The cool, not cold, but amazing crisp air blew in through the window in sweet subtle gusts, encompassing my face in absolute bliss. The fresh richly oxygenated air reached my sinuses and seemed to instantly take away the months of winter thickness.

There I sat, in a comforting sort of meditation, forcing myself to do nothing but relax. The flood of free childhood spring memories and some wonderful adult memories that rushed in were comforting, wonderful, and long missed. 

My body went to ease, my mind was silenced and comforted, and I felt my very spirit was once again dusted off. I was so at peace that I literally fell asleep in my seated crossed legged-crossed armed position. A few minutes of rest, and I woke and it was time to move on with my day. 

Then it hit me. That fun light bulb moment. I just Spring “cleaned” ME!!!! 

~ Thanks for Stopping by!!   
~ Jenn aka. Mom
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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