St. Patrick’s Day 2014

Good Afternoon! And, happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

I am enjoying a brief interlude in our Monday. Mondays are errand, dance class, and craziness filled. 

My break time today consists of Celtic Thunder Radio station on Pandora gently playing in the background, as the kids take up their toys for free play. 

The crock pot is gently boiling our corned beef for supper, I will be steaming some potatoes and cabbage to drench in butter for our evening mealtime. Of course I made certain to have plenty of mustard on hand for the event. 

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Conan and I had been discussing having a second vehicle, one that got a bit better gas mileage. We had been throwing the idea around, and of course I was in no hurry.

We have had one vehicle for many years. After a bit of looking around, he decided we should go check things out at a not-so-local dealer this past Saturday. I was more than thrilled to drive home my new Black Cherry car. The kids and I tried it out on errands today, it seemed to pass the test. 

It seems schedules get busier all the time, sports, and activities take up a great deal of time, and I am getting to the point where, having spent 8 years at home, I am needing a bit of time to myself.

Andrea Dekker recently published an article on her site that expressed the same sort of feeling. I have not yet met a parent that at some point or another has not lamented a portion of their pre-parenting lifestyle. I rarely find a parent who does not also carry a bit of guilt at that conflicting feeling, after all we do not regret our children. Regardless of the reason, it is easy to loose yourself while serving your family. It is easy to forget to care for yourself above and beyond the basic needs. You can check-out Andrea’s article- Here 🙂

I am thankful that Conan felt the expense was worth it, and that he was kind enough to put me in my own car. A side note and a major plus, we over doubled the mileage we get per gallon. I must admit though, it is very much like driving a go cart, after having had large vehicles for so long. I am not used to sitting so close to the ground, nor am I used to how large the other vehicles look next to my little car. 

Ok back to St. Patrick’s Day, I have a new “Everything Green” St. Patrick’s Day board on Pintrest if you are the pin-it type. A lot of lovely green things, both specifically for the holiday, and some less related. 

We will be scheduling our eye appointments soon. Tis time to see how the kids focus really is. 

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