What is that I feel?

Good afternoon lovelies

I am enjoying our recess break by sitting down and creating something. The focus of writing helps to calm me, clear my mind to focus on one thing at a time, and helps me connect with myself again. I meet more people who think I am crazy and assure me that writing is a necessary evil they felt tortured with in school. 

Today I have windows slightly opened, doors ajar, curtains parted permitting warm comforting sunshine to flood our home. The kids are outside with chalk and bubbles enjoying a brief break in their studies. I was not feeling well this morning, but can tell you the hint of spring has certainly put my body at ease. The little reminder that warmer and brighter days are coming has had a tremendous impact on myself and my children. 

The fresh air has made school a challenge, but one that I gladly bare, I love to see my children alive with the joy the spring naturally brings. I am at ease in knowing that my season to shine is shortly around the corner. I love the indications of life that sprout, bud, and ease their way back into our region. 

It was not but a few days ago that I heard the first honking geese pass over our home. I could not help but to smile at the images a simple noise brought. At the moment the earth is quite a mud puddle, water still passes over the yard, creating its seasonal pool and streams. I used to be bothered by it, the mud, the frustration at having to wait even longer to go play in the soil. Rather I find myself at ease, patiently waiting, and so happy to see the signs of spring, the confirmation that things will be warm and welcoming again. 

Sadly, many of the blossoms that I have shared with you over the years, were killed this winter, not by above harsher than normal climate, but by a huge puppy that felt uprooting loved plants would be fun. I am heartbroken at the loss of my day lily, and many other of the plants that had back stories and hours spent with them. However, as is true with most all springs, it is the time of rebirth and a new start, and though part of me wanted to abandon the flower bed, I now am feeling the need to care for it and fix it. I find that need is for my own good much more than to pretty up a small bit of dirt in front of our home.

So for those of my readers that had come to expect my gardening joys and woes, you’ll be pleased to know I am bringing back Mom’s Garden articles. Last years break made this an extremely long winter. I hope you will join in, sharing your experiences and beautiful outside blessings. 

~ Thanks for Stopping by!!   
~ Jenn aka. Mom
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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