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Hello, welcome to this weeks wrap-up. Some of you may remember the journal articles that I published several months ago. Many of you know that I like to hop around a bit too, so as I was wondering about I have come in contact with several blogs that participate in the weekly wrap-up from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

I figure, eh why not… I’ll give it a go.

The big project for the week was getting motivated on Tuesday, we have a light work day on Monday to accommodate all three kiddo’s dance classes. Tuesdays are an important day, it seems if we do not get a good full day in on Tuesdays the rest of the week is less productive than I’d hope. 

This was a less-productive-than-I’d-hoped week. Though we accomplished a great deal, the kids just had so much running against them. Aside from activities, illness, and spring in the air, they were just plain worn out. 

We did manage to work with the concept of abstract art. We will be finishing those projects any moment now, if you have not read that article, and do not know what I am talking about you can find it here… We Are Abstract!! We have a glossy, sticky, glue finish to paint on to give our artwork a lovely shine.

Pumpkin has been working hard at getting into the reading groove. Reading was a struggle for him early on, and one that I learned quickly not to try to rush. He is making leaps and bounds now. Each week he reads a story to both of his sisters and a chosen family member (outside of our home). We have a Dick and Jane (old style readers) that he likes at the moment. 

Sweet Pea has been working her way through her Kindergarten goodness, and really enjoys Explode the Code. So much so that she gets frustrated when she cannot do “just five more pages Mom please!!!”.

Miss Who-Rae is working some letters, numbers, shapes, colors, scissors, and glue skills. She is a very motivated preschooler, and sits at the table through all of the readings we do, through the science lesson that is exciting because she gets to say challenging science words, and through all of the ups and downs of her siblings.

I do focus our school around the Charlotte Mason theory, and enjoy the literature rich way of engaging the kids creativeness, thoughtfulness, and desire to explore. 

We generally have several books that we worth our way through each week. For several weeks now we have been exploring our way through “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”.  We’ve more recently started Doctor Doolittle, Aesop’s Fables, The Llama Who has No Pajama, and Living Long Ago. There are several others that I’ve added, for example we have a fun little book in which we have a daily lesson on manners that we read from.

Each school day we have a journal entry in which we practice with the date, temperature, weather, activities, and of course handwriting. This of course would be less fun if we did not get to draw a picture after each entry. Even Who-Rae enjoys this activity.

Well darlings I am off to bust out the glue and see how this project finishes off. Next week our art appreciation piece is a collage, so we will be working a collage and possibly some air drying clay. 

Toodles till then, hope you all have a lovely weekend.

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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