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This week we finished one of our art books. “World of Art, Come Look With Me; Animals in Art” by Gladys S. Blizzard features many works of art that my children quickly fell in love with. I enjoyed seeing which pieces spoke to each child uniquely. Henri Matisse’s piece The Snail, is an abstract completed in 1953. So simple, yet not really, and so full of color, that it easily drew in all three of my darling children.

Given a few days to reflect on the piece, we set out today to make our own masterpieces. These are the pieces before we finish them with a lovely shiny coating. 

One is very abstract, Miss Who-Rae start with a camera, added people, a tree and many other stunning concepts and created a layered abstract beauty. The name of her abstract is The Shape Picture.

Miss Sweet Pea has an eye for the beauty of nature and opted to create a lovely flower garden scene, complete with a miniature tree. The name given her piece is Sunflower Valley. 

Mr Pumpkin had an eye for color today and formed a rainbow tree, rainbow grass, and his large puppy Nala. There is a mouse hiding out in the top of the tree if you study his piece closely enough. The name given his art is The Magical Rainbow Tree. 

The kids of course were not pleased until my piece also had a name…. cough cough, my abstract example is called… wait for it, Blazing Sun.

Generally the abstract work that I play with is all abstract floral. However, I enjoy seeing what we create together, and they are encourage to work hard at their work when I am immersed in mine. 

We are now off to enjoy a bit of nature, as the weather is starting to hint mildly at spring. Followed by a make-up dance class, and Pumpkins karate class. I am off to pack my bags I am preparing to entertain the girls while Pumpkin learns the proper leg positions for his kicks. His leg work has improved greatly during his time away, perhaps the coordination is a bit better, who knows perhaps his tap classes are helping. (who would have thought?)

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