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I have always been fascinated by dreams. Often I find myself with some sort of meaning to them. I enjoy listening to my friends and family dreams and seeing the parallel to their currents worries or excitement. However, I find that many times my own dreams go undiscovered. 

A prime example would be one that I had recently, as in last night. My son and I were standing next to my bed. There swarming on the top were hundreds of cricket. We frantically separated the tiny, medium, and large sized crickets into boxes. They jumped, Pumpkin plucked them quickly from the surface of my bed, I and stood in terror wishing them gone. 

I suppose one could say that Pumpkin’s pet, Perry the gecko, has a great deal to do with this adventure. Perhaps I have had enough of his pets favorite tasty meal. Who knows maybe their chirping reached my sleeping mind enough to contrive such a picture. Whatever the case maybe, I do hope that particular dream is never repeated. 

In further news, my beautiful niece is 9 years old today. I recall the day she was born as if it were merely a few days past. She is growing into a beautiful young woman. I know that she will maintain that beautiful heart that she was blessed. 

Also, I have hopping around the Internet world again, yes I am sure several of you just sighed with grave discomfort. I want to share a site I have been ogling this past week, though I have spent less time on it that I would like to admit, I have found some valuable info. If you are not familiar with Homeschool World add them to your list of sites to visit, there is loads of information to find.  

Pumpkin restarted his Karate adventure this week. We agreed some time off may be a good thing considering he was a little too aggressive at home with his sisters. However, Conan felt it was time to try again. Pumpkin was a little nervous jumping back into class after his 4 month break, but it was not more than a few minutes before he seemed to get his groove on again. 

Tomorrow we have a make-up dance class for Pumpkin and Sweet Pea, followed shortly by Pumpkins second Karate class for the week. I am adjusting to having nearly every night planned out, in some ways it is nice, yet in others the hustle and bustle does takes its toll. I am glad however, that the kiddos get to stay active and try new things. 

Nala has been a challenge. She has brought some great experiences to the kids, but also some less than great ones. We have struggled with the decision of keeping her as of late. Sadly, the littlest of our bunch, Miss Who-Rae seems to have a pretty obvious allergy to our newest pet. The worst of the decision that comes is the bond that Pumpkin and Nala have developed. Although she has done the most damage to him, he seems to be the one most closely bonded to her. I suppose time will tell what decision Conan makes on this one. 

I’ve been making my way through a book series with my lovely sis, Skis. We started “The Game of Thrones” by George Martin on her birthday. I thought a new series would be a fun gift. Turns out she is enjoying it and has pulled way ahead of me in the reading… what a terrible book club sis I’ve become!! This book is not within a genre that I read often, but I have been greatly enjoying Martins ability to pull me in to his rich world of excitement. I know that they have turned his book series into a television series also, although I have not seen any of them, I have been told they are very good.

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