Amazing by: Jenn Grossi

by Jenn Grossi
Those Mountains far and wide
in their safety you may find,
Deep in nature’s heart and soul
A sense that will never let go
Lost in jungles vibrant and wild
Excitement, adventure and danger.
Like the flightless Kiwi
Plain and simple, but vastly unique.
Those incredible swimming animals
From pole to pole, then back again.
And the ancient and wise sea turtle
leaving not a nook of the ocean unexplored.
Powerful wings in wonder do soar
The mighty eagle claims the skies.
Amazing a love that can compare
to such wonder, excitement, and freedom. 
I thank you for stopping by and reading up on my eclectic happenings. I do not mind my poems being shared, but please credit them back to myself and my blog, as these are my original thoughts and works.
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~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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