Burt’s Bees are they all that?

Hello lovelies. It has been quite some time since I have found inspiration for a product review. I like to do reviews based on what I have tried, and either liked or disliked. I have not been paid, nor approached to do this review. I am sharing because I felt that it may be useful or beneficial for my readers.

I have several products that I purchase from a direct sales company. What arrives at my door are no chemical products that do not aggravate my asthma, and that still leave my home clean. I have a few products that I still purchase from a grocery store, though to be perfectly honest I have no idea why. 

On a recent trip to the store, I was looking to replace a face wash that I was using to clear up an outbreak of the not-so-lovely-why-on-earth-did-I-get-adult-acne-when-I-did-not-have-it-as-a-teen-breakout. I wanted something different. 

After gazing at the many products on the shelf, Burt’s Bees sensitive facial cleaner ended up in my shopping cart. I loved the 99% natural listing on the back of the tube. I figure I had nothing to loose in trying it out. 

I had never used a non-soap facial cleanser before. Getting used to cleansing my face with a cream was a bit different, but at the same time, smooth and luxurious. 

I was pleased with the feel of my skin after the first wash. I continue to enjoy the benefits of a cleaner that does not over dry my skin. The fragrance is simple and not overbearing. The part that really caught my attention, however, was after several years of fighting my face, I noticed that my skin was clearing up. My redness is gone, the dry scaling skin has stopped, and the breakouts themselves have all but disappeared. Seems as though the majority of my issues were the products that I had been using, in the very first place. 

I decided it was a good idea that I do a bit of research on Burt’s Bees company before I wrote this article. What I found was not a long drawn out explanation, but a simple philosophy to their products and views. Would you like to see for yourself? Check them out on their own little piece of the web.

While you are out browsing check out some of their product awards.

So all in all, I’d say, I would and do recommend Burt’s Bees products to my friends, family, and now my precious readers. I have used other products of theirs and have nothing but good to say of those products as well. I was most shocked by the facial cleansers rapid and surprising results.

The one downside I saw for some, may be the price being higher than most facial cleansers in the supermarket aisle. However, one thing I did notice that may off set the cost issue, is that a little bit truly goes a long ways. 

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