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Happy Monday! Welcome to another version of Daily Garble. 

Yesterday I was working my way around the house, cleaning, putting things away, getting the girls baths finished, when I looked out the window to check on Pumpkin who was shoveling snow. You know how they do, they go out, for the sake of being outside, and they work really hard to remove the snow from the walks and drive. Then, to be kind they pile all the snow at the end of the drive to create a ramp (wall) for the truck to better climb it’s way into the drive. I could see the enjoyment on his face as he was pushing snow around, and taking pride in his work. But what he did next shocked me….

I am fortunate to have three close friends who work, or have worked, in education. One a college professor with no children, the other with children and the third an educator whom now stays home and raises her three beautiful daughters. I love to discuss education with these three people, and find all three of their thoughts and passions very stimulating. Although their views differ slightly I have learned a great deal from all three of them. I was recently discussing education with Sails (college professor with children) and enjoying the similarities we have in our goals for our children. One such issue we talked about was the emotional learning children do, and the disadvantage our children have with too much time in technology and not enough face time learning to read and express emotions. 

Having had just discussed children’s learned emotions and expressions,I giggled to myself when I saw my darling son outside. I watched his little body imitate perfectly both mine and Conan’s shoveling styles. I watched his little red cheek happy face open and show the most beautiful joyous expression, then for a brief moment when he noticed my gaze, his expression changed. 

…. I was stunned, Pumpkins face distorted and the joyous open expression closed into seriousness. He raised his hand into the air, and his index and middle finger waved to me in a way that my dad has done countless time in greeting a friend. He executed this sweet greeting perfectly, a wave that I myself have never been able to do properly. My heart swelled, I nearly had tears in my eyes. Yes, my son loves his grandfather so it is not a surprise there. The recent discussion with Sails was seen in the familiar expression of my son. I looked with pride at my little man who is growing up with love in his heart, curiosity in his very soul, and enough emotion to fill several little bodies his size. Instantly, his face was open once again, and he was back to his happy work. 

Amazing how much one little expression, one little thought, how one little gesture can mean so very much. To think that our children are suffering the loss of such a powerful tool is more that shameful. So many things are communicated this way, so many things that are not expressed in words, but with our bodies. 

I want my son and daughters to grow to be able to express themselves. I hope that they have healthy successful friendships and marriages. I hope they find the career they love. Most importantly I hope the joy they have in life now, the excitement, wonder, and desire all stay with them as long as they live. 

In other news, today is dance class day, and Pumpkin is our newest dancing student… so time to go. I need to fill up some hungry tummies before they go dance the night away.

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