Hidden Truth

Hidden Truth


by: Shy Willow
So this hardwood tree, and it is dark and cold with a slight breeze, the soft light of headlamps make the limbs, branches, and stems glow. All twisted and reaching in every which direction they willed. Looking at it you may feel a sense of loss, sadness, grief even. Often times described in literature to elaborate fear, death, and anticipation of things to come. Yet this huge, twisted, bare sleeping giant holds a wonderful secret. Life. The plain bark, and naked arms protect a fragment of wonder deep within itself. Away from the cold, wind, and even harsh eyes and judgments of others. Protected from the cold happenings, protected from the long months, a soft, sweet, wonderful bit of life hides within. Though for 10 months out of the year one may say it ugly, I tend to think that those tens months show the truth and secret of that tree. Those 10 months show love, and sacrifice. So misunderstood the simple things.

I have met a few people recently who I find have forgotten their inner life. I at times have struggled with mine. I have at moments forgot the strength I own as an individual. I forget to look through the eyes given me, and I forget to feel through the compassion blessed me, I forget to marvel with joy freely given.

Out for a brief drive, while parked momentarily I gazed upon an ordinary tree, my heart opened for the first time in some time, and I was reminded that this is no ordinary tree. I am not an ordinary tree, my friends, family and acquaintances are far from ordinary. I have several friends who struggle with their ups and downs. One in particular instantly came to mind. I felt the need to write my friend and share the truth…. the Hidden Truth as it is. YOU have life in you, regardless of how or why you hide it. 

*originally published at AMomsHandbook.com

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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