Blood, Sweat, and Tears

"Writing styles are not easy to come by, they are forged by fire, they are cooled by the tears of ones own eyes, and they are oiled by the authors own blood; sheathing that style is an entirely new level of pain." - Shy willow

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lucia Micarelli ~ Lady Grinning Soul

Good morning my lovelies. Welcome to another Music Mood Moment today brought to us by the dancetastic talent of Lucia Micarelli ~ Lady Grinning Soul. Yes! I am in a dance mood!! I have been stomping my way gracefully (or not) through my chores.

I found the lovely Lucia by way of Pandora internet radio, if you have not checked them out you should! Pandora is the answer to a music lovers prayers!!! (no I am not being paid to advertise.. rather I am quite in LOVE)

I hope you enjoy today's Music Mood Moment. There are many more mood moments available in A Mom's Handbook playlist. Hope you enjoy the eclectic mix as much as I do. 
~ Thanks for Stopping by!!
                    ~ Jenn aka. Mom

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