I Love My Readers!!!!

That is right!! I love my readers!!! So thanks to you I have a working “Grab My Button” somehow my code was busted, and one of my new readers brought that to my attention, thank you so very much!!! Love the feedback.

So I fixed my button in like 3 easy steps with a site that generates the button for you. Yes, I know the coding is not overly complicated, but I do like fun new toys. So I am sharing my fun new internet toy with my readers. Need a button? Check out MyCoolRealm.com ~ Grab My Button. Very cool fast tool, free to use, and works like a charm. (no paid advertising, just sharing the love and appreciation)

OK next order of business, another reader and friend recently reminded me that I am slacking… badly on my poor blog. Which of course is absolutely true!!! So for today, you get my Music Mood Moment, and another eclectic Daily Garble edition.

For school today, the kids and I did the mostly regular routine, plus we added some house plant awareness!! We had a huge lovely umbrella plant that was sad and starting to shed its beautiful leaves at a very alarming rate. So, we cut it to pieces, that is right!!! Destroyed it. Soaking are the “babies” it gave us, we will patiently be awaiting the roots of our new arrivals, we’ve set a home for those new babies in a smaller more decorative container, we played with the tree roots, lots of dirt, and we re-potted a gifted plant I received on my birthday. We watered, made mud, played in the lovely smelling potting soil, and pretended it was spring, even though there are inches of snow accumulation out of doors.

We’ve been dancing around the house like crazy people… so much fun. I mentioned on the Music Mood Moment that I have Pandora up and running, I have it set on my Black Violin station and it makes for perfect background noise to motivate lots of work getting done.

who knows after a classic I may just learn
to belly dance too 🙂

I contacted Who-Rae’s darling dance teacher today to ask her about the prospects of a specific adult dance class. Oddly enough a childhood dream of mine was to dance, but the area I grew up in did not compromise with that fun little goal/dream. So, I decided, why does a childhood dream have to be dismissed just because I am an adult? No, of course it does not have to be.

The foot doctor reviewed my sore foot again yesterday, and hopefully for the last time. After great improvement the third steroid shot was administered, and there is high hopes that will be the end of months of discomfort. I had SO much fun dancing around a bit today, though I was careful not to stress it, it felt great to move again and not be in pain doing so. Honestly being stationary is one of the most depressing things I have dealt with. Twice in a year now I have been down for months at a time. I would not wish that on anyone.

SO for those who have not been with me long, daily garble is nothing more than snip-its of  whatever comes to mind, just for the sake of it. I hope you’ve enjoyed my brief update. Thank you to the readers who have stayed with me during my ups, downs, and ebb and tides in writing. Thank you for the kind words, the encouragement, the reminders and of course the suggestions.

~ Thanks for Stopping by!!
                    ~ Jenn aka. Mom
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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