Woes of a Stiff Neck

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Visiting my mom, aka Granny, after a bit I realized her poor neck was not turning normally. Turns out she had slept differently and caused herself a pretty bad pain in the neck. I offered my help of things I’ve tried to ease the pain of a stopped up neck. 

The next day Granny let me know that it did help, but that she was still sore. Several days later, mom came over to do our first yoga session for a new challenge we are working on. I  was pleased to see she didn’t wince with some of the movements I thought for sure would hurt. 

Turns out, Granny hopped on the internet and searched how to deal with a stiff neck. I was shocked, my mother is a very capable intelligent woman, but that is usually my bit. I do a lot of research and comparing online, which often takes me to books and such for topics that I am working very hard on.

Anyways, she pulls up a youtube video with step by step instructions on caring for her pains. She decided no harm in trying, and boy was she ever glad she did. She raved about the quick difference in range of motion she gained. So a gem this good needs to be shared, compliments of Granny… how to cure that painful stiff neck!

Stiff Neck? Hope you can put it away for future use.

*this review is merely for information sharing purposes for my readers, I have in no way be approached about, nor paid to write this article.

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