I SO Totally LIED!!!!


For my lovely readers who have had the crazy stick-to-it-spirit to continue reading my eclectic madness, I am proud to say that I have been proven wrong! I have on several occasions mentioned my profound ability to kill flowering houseplants. 

Behold, the second year beautiful blossoms of the Christmas cactus. OK so it is a perfect marriage of hardy succulent and pretty. Score!!!
Being proven wrong is fun sometimes.

The kids and I recently enjoyed a craft session at Granny’s house, how can you possibly go wrong when Grandma says, bring kids, scissors, and glue? We had a great time, cutting gluing, combining crafts and creating a Pinterest shared craft. Those cute stars got me thinking how much more fun they would be in color, but not just one color, lot of fun colors at once. 

So the next day I started my project with some colored construction paper, scissors, glue, and coffee. 

The instructions for the 3D snowflake can be found at WikiHow. I have it liked on my A Mom’s Handbook Pinterest board also. Fee free to go peak around at other links from previous articles, as well as other exciting projects, with enough eclecticism to satisfy most.

So in other news, today’s Music Mood Moment is brought to you by the lovely Celine Dion. I really like the feel of this song. Aside from the lyrics and the pretty sound, the feel of the music is wonderful. I hope you enjoy Celine Dion ~ Loved Me Back to Life.

The world of homeschool we are working hard on our reading skills and comprehension. Pumpkin seems to be struggling, but has made huge leaps and bounds this month. Sweet Pea has finally hit the very eager to learn phase, she “reads” everything she can get her hands on. Who-Rae has been having a great time with pre-writing, and making new colors by combining “old” colors. We have been having a good time playing with volumes of water. We have also been working through our manners book, by practicing our good manners with each other. It seems as though they forget those manners as soon as a disagreement surfaces, but I am hopeful that sometime in their life they will pay off.

The girls have been working hard at their ballet and tap dance classes. They are in separate classes this year to accommodate their age differences. Sweet Pea and Who-Rae both seem to be learning a great deal this year, their prances through the house have become much more elaborate. 

As always, thank you for stopping by my little corner of the net. I hope your holiday preparations are going smoothly, and that you are enjoying it more than you are pulling out your hair!!

                                                                                           Thanks for Stopping By!!


~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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