Blood, Sweat, and Tears

"Writing styles are not easy to come by, they are forged by fire, they are cooled by the tears of ones own eyes, and they are oiled by the authors own blood; sheathing that style is an entirely new level of pain." - Shy willow

Friday, October 18, 2013

Music Mood Moments PlayList

Good morning my lovelies.

Have you been enjoying some of the the Music Mood Moments these past couple of weeks? Are you interested in know what else is on that crazy eclectic mix of music moments? Well good news for you I have the link to the play list :)

A Mom's Handbook is on YouTube with on of the more ectic and unorganized play lists. So drop on by and see if you can find a few favorite, see what you have missed, and possibly send me suggestions as to what my list is missing.

~ A Mom's Handbook, Music Mood Moments Playlist for YouTube

Thanks for Stopping By!!

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