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Natural fun is a page that I am working on currently. There are many aspects of natural living that I have been learning more about in recent years. Although I love to share information I have hesitated to build this page because at times I feel quite inadequate to write about it. I learn more every day that I can change in our homes for better health; I suppose that is really the joy of it though

So, first off, if there is anything I can add please feel free to add a comment to the page and I will be sure to check into it!
Several years ago my husband and I were expecting our first child and decided that natural products in our home were important to us. We switched from regular cleaning products to natural products, we changed the way we thought about certain things, and continually learning as we go.
We were fortunate to have supportive people around us in many different aspects of our life that supported our quest for healthier product options. We grew in learning about caring for our children with many things that were created in nature rather than in a laboratory.
Our oldest child later showed food sensitivities and the next natural move for us was in the shape of the foods we consumed on a daily basis. We continually learn more in this department, and continually look for ways to improve our menus to balance the nutrition our bodies actually need.

Stay tuned as there is always more to come! Feel free to add your tips and ideas, you never know it may just end up on this very page!!
I am not promoting a dietary change, and suggest you seek a train professional in dietary changes. In looking into different types of food replacements for our families multitude of dietary limitations, I have found that vegan alternatives are often times very good, and often times much healthier than the product I am trying to replace. If you are interested in a list of vegan providers this link may prove to be useful.  I cannot guarantee their all being natural producers, therefore use your own discretion.
Our home went natural with cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, and alternative health care solutions many years ago. Once again I am not suggesting you take and leave your medical care and take up alternative solutions without the help of a trained professional. We ourselves still have not left the medical community completely, but we do use natural alternatives to supplement a healthier lifestyle. The kids and I are on a regular vitamin regiment. I find that traditional store purchased cleaners are very hard on my hypersensitive lungs, so before our son was born we switched to a natural wellness company that produces cleaners, laundry supplies, dish washing solutions, supplements, and many other items that make going “natural” much simpler.
Aside from the health benefits of making more natural choices in your day to day life, being a bit more mindful of choices can help save you money also. This link may give you a few tips and hints to make the best of your “green” solutions. WorldWatch
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