Poetry Oh MY

Good afternoon, or whatever time you have in your particular part of the world.

Today, I have been taking my “me” time to take the old hand written copies of my childhood poems and short stories, and put them in type to be saved via my own lovely personal cloud type storage. I have been having a wonderful time revisiting some of my early work. I have to say in some ways my work has suffered the years. Obviously in other ways, the youth of my work was made even more apparent.

I can say that there we a couple of pieces that will take little to no effort to have them updated, and edited. However, I am shocked that some of the work I held on to. A few pieces are somewhat embarrassing to read, “I mean I know I wrote them, but did I REALLY write them”!?

I hope to be updateing some of my work, as well as adding to them some of my more passionate pieces from my college portfolio. I’ve been working the concept of a professional blog around for quite some time, and as of yet have not completely settled on the details. In fact, I think of all the readers whom I would like to share that portion of my life with, I think it would be those who have been with me here through the thick and thin, highs and lows, tears and joys, guppies and puppies.

With that being said those who have been with me for any given amount of time know that I geek out with new information to share on occasion, and go through a rash of web site linking, product reviews, and statistic sharing… readers beware, its coming to a post soon!

Oh yes, and our lovely snow is starting to melt off, leaving behind the record for the worst snow storm this early in the season, as well as broken trees and destruction in its fluffy white wake. Beneath the snow is an equally unusual green carpet of grass, plants, shrubs, and bushes. Trees still have green leaves (those who still have limbs that is) and aside from the snow blip, we really have not had the traditional fall feeling this year. Our falls usually last about three days, going from hot weather to temperate, dry, and windy, straight into cold, snow, ice and yes, more wind. This year has certainly brought some interesting weather.

So yes, you can also look forward to some of my traditional fall posts also 🙂 lucky you!!

I will be announcing another link party ~ give-a-way coming soon!!!!

As usual the blog will be suffering under my hands at some reorganizing. So the construction signs are going up also.

Hope you all have a wonderful remainder to your day!!

Thanks for Stopping by! ~Jenn aka. Mom
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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