The Simple Things

Welcome to another lovely Monday. On Mondays we have our first dance class of the week. The kids and I scramble to get dressed, packed, fed, and loaded up to be at the studio by 10 am. 

The girls both take a combined tap and ballet dance class. Mondays, 3 year old Who-Rae loves to run into the studio, climb atop of one of the swiveling bar stools and wait for me to help her into her tap shoes. Her shoes donned she taps her way into her classroom.  

As she dances her little heart out the other two express to me their deep boredom. Past classes I have brought for them entertainment, but upon the discovery that my efforts were under appreciated, I have allowed them the pleasure of some boredom. Today they opted to take advantage of available coloring books and crayons, which game me a bit of time to finish off some research, sip my coffee in relative peace, and to make light conversation with a fellow mama.

The first of the month our tuition fees are due, so I had Pumpkin deliver our check to Miss Laurie the receptionist. She, in turn delivered our receipt to Pumpkin. He had a smile on his face like no other. The simple task of helping, and being apart of a transaction thrilled him.

Pumpkin was flaunting his receipt to his sisters, Sweet Pea really did not care in the least bit she was smiling at the flow of color on her page, however, Who-Rae was very disappointed that she was lacking such a brilliant slip of paper. Miss Season her sweet teacher, and a dear friend of mine, offered Who-Rae a Walmart receipt to help ease the injustice of the situation. Who-Rae of course was ecstatic. The simple gesture was enough to make her morning. I watched the smile on her face, and was reminded of how many times it is the simple things that mean the very most in life. 

How often is it that a simple smile from a complete stranger reminds us that there is some good in the world? How often is it that a friend or family member calling us out of the blue, makes us feel loved and important? Simple gestures are easy to use to lift another person up. Yet, all too often its the simple things that are overlooked. It is easy to set your sights high, or to get so focused we forget the subtle things.

Oftentimes it is those subtle things, the simple things, that ruin relationships and end marriages. Not simple wrongs, but a sad build up of missed opportunities. Being happy isn’t the receipt in our hand, it is the warmth inside that cannot be contained which leaks out into the world in the form of a smile.

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Shy Willow

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