Music Garble

I have always enjoyed what music has brought to my life. Music has been a means of expressing myself, of cutting loose, of picking me up, and of comforting. Music can be an effective tool to share your feelings with another person. Music allows me to be a better writer, it keeps me company when I clean, and it is always there when my heart is sore.

These past two weeks have been difficult… a sore heart included. 

Pandora internet radio has been great. I select my mood, aka. genre and just like that instant satisfaction.

The most recent station to grace our household has been, “The Rod Stewart Station”. Amazing….

So far I have not heart a song that didn’t “hit the spot” in one way or another.

For those other peeps out there who will appreciate my super eclectic music identity… here is what is one now.

Stevie Nicks Landslide

John Mellencamp

and then one of my all time favorites Rod Stewart Rhythm of my Heart 🙂 

Slowly I remember those fun things that was my identity. My own special uniqueness. One step in from of the other and I recall what drove me to the person I was, what shaped the person I have become, and who the person is that I will be.

Though I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For I know that my music will Stand By Me

Spending more time to take care of myself lately, I find one of the very best methods of doing so has been music therapy. Growing up I cannot tell you how many times I heard… “oh music makes your smarter”. I am not sure that music helped to “make me smarter” but I know that it wove into me a way of communicating, a way of feeling, and a way of relaxing. Whether or not my brain muscles were strengthened or not, I value what music offers me, and I make certain that my own children are surrounded by different music all of the time. 

My kiddos have heard many different genres of music including; classical, instrumental, blues, jazz, acapella  soft rock, metal, country, blue grass, and even some tastefully done rap. I do not believe that their choice in music or life should be completely directed by me, rather I wish them to find what they love and develop their own unique selves. My parenting style has been altered by my searching for my own self. The way I love them does not change, but the way that I learn to allow them to be themselves has. 

Just to finish on a musical note… my all time favorite song…

Fur Elise ~ Fur Elise hits such and emotion range that it is difficult to explain how much I relate to the piece  I feel that if I was a piece of music… I would have been formed in Beethoven’s mind, heart, and hands. However, a close second would certainly be Vivaldi’s Four Seasons

Thanks for stopping by!– Jenn

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

2 Replies to “Music Garble”

  1. Raised with the four seasons by Vivaldi , it`s like life.
    All emotions all fases of life are in it storms , rain ,cold , warmth , happy times , cold dark times .
    But stil it turns and after a cold winter there will be spring and the sun wil shine again.
    Never fear the dark or the storms , there Always will be sun again .
    We cant enjoy the sun if we dont have storms rain and cold .
    Life is complete in the for seasons .
    and it will be pointed out everytime we listen to it.
    We need to overcome the bad times to enjoy the good onces .
    Love the four seasons for pointing that out to me when i need it .
    Hope it will do the same to you 😉

  2. Music is a fantastic balm for the soul. It can remind us of who we are, can guide us to whom we want to be, or comfort us where we are. Plato once said, "“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”


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