Crazy Garble


What a crazy few weeks. Between life, and more life, and even more life, it seems as though a couple weeks was zapped away with little trace.

I was very honored to watch my brother wed this past month. I also got to fashion my first wedding cake to help celebrate the event. What an experience to watch a vision grow into edible fun. Not only was it pretty, but it was gluten free.

The next portion of life was one of those stomach bugs that are awful to discuss. Lets just say I lost a few pounds and am thinking if I could harness the power in a pill, I could be rich!!

Next on the list of fun was a blood donation. My first in fact, and very likely my last as well. I went it, and went through the crazy questionnaire that made my interviewer blush, and sat down ready to be drained of some of my life force. All for a good cause of course. 

Is it me, or when someone says… hey will you come look at this…. it tends to make a person a bit nervous. So, after a bit of adjusting of the coffee straw needle in my arm, I was slowly on my way. Very slowly. I couldn’t help but shake this feeling that something was not quite right.

Before I knew it, I was kicked back and the sweet gals were trying to keep me from going to the dark side. “OKAY we need you to pay attention… squeeze your thighs and butt cheeks OK, and keep squeezing that ball.” Is it just me or  is there something really odd about squeezing your cheeks when you are fixing to pass out??  Then, “do you feel like you could throw up” I answer a plan and simple “uh yeah” and then before you know it they are all over me like sugar ants on a melted ice cream bar on the ground in the hot summer sun.

Getting home was fun, each time I got up my ears created this amazing ringing sound, which was in all truth quite alarming. Then this weak dark feeling came over me, and I would just collapse, oh boy it was fun. My children were quite alarmed at my laying with my feet up in the air, and by my not really responding to their usual question sessions.

The bruising was very pretty, but after a week I have started to be a bit alarmed by the odd symptoms that I have been experiencing. A little visit to my doctor confirmed Conan’s suspicions, and I am now being treated for a serious infection. Ugh. Did I mention that life has been crazy this month?

Now please in no way take this as my urging people to avoid donating blood. I think it a wonderful cause, I am however, not going to be participating in the fun again for some time.

Thanks for stopping by!– Jenn

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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