Spring is in the Air!

My sis and our kiddos feeding geese

Although it is hard to see spring through the drifting snow, it is officially here. So what better way to get the party started than to look back at some of the years past spring fun, take a peek at some of our current fun, and also plan ahead into summer fun.

One of the kiddos favorite spring, summer, and fall activities is feeding the geese (and if we are lucky the ducks) at the local watering hole. This was a couple of years ago, and boy did they draw a crowd.

I will have pictures of some of our outdoor floral projects from last year, as we the kids and I have been discussing some of the fun and beautiful plants we are hoping to tend this year.

Pumpkin is looking forward to fishing this spring. He has been reminding us of some of our past trips, and some of the various places we have gone. The warmer weather today was enough to tire the kids out fast, but their minds are still racing at top summer time speeds.

Sweet Pea is quite convinced that she loves her training wheels and that they need to stay in place in order for her to be a successful bike rider. She is so cautious that it is adorable. However, we hope with extra practice this year she will have confidence well on her side.

Who-Rae loves going out and running in the grass, brown or green it doesn’t matter which. She loves drawing her chalk flowers on the sidewalk and porch, landscaping bricks and fence. We have a very artistic roadside display.

Today we went for out first bike outing for this spring. My sister and two nieces, and my three munchkins took off on their various sized and shaped bikes and we made our first tradition spring lap around the fishing lake.

Kiddos in their favorite crab apple tree

They found their favorite crab apple tree…. how many monkeys can your fit in one little tree?

Pumpkin spotted his first robin of the year. This little bird was so hungry it let Pumpkin ride circles around him for quite a long time. At one point Pumpkin could nearly have reached down and touched the little feathery friend. Well I ought to get off to get some work done. All that fresh air seems to have tired the kids out quite a little for today. 

Do you see his robin?

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