Yucky Garble

Well, I generally stick to an up beat theme for most of my posts. Today’s topic is just flat yucky, so fair warning for those who were expecting my typical garble.

I was plugging along minding my own business… when BAM! The stomach virus hit, first one, then the other daughter, yes it was true they were dropping like flies. Then Pumpkin and Conan started in. Alright, so now is the time to hunker down, and get prepared for a rough few days.

Who-Rae relaxing with Sunny

Our carpet cleaner got the workout of its life! The kids got to watch plenty of their favorite movies, drink lots of tea, and cuddle with blankets in their pj’s for several days. Fortunately, Conan and Pumpkin dealt with their ordeals much easier than the girls did.

Monday came, and things were going smoothly. The last clean-up session had been early that morning, and a couple of the kids were perky and ready to play. Just after lunch, as I was working on my homework, I felt that familiar feeling in my insides. That feeling that says, “hey, we are not okay!”. I knew it was coming, but I had high hopes that my luck would resemble Conan and Pumpkins.

Yea right! I found myself quite sick in the evening, all evening, past the early morning hours, and on into the afternoon yesterday. I was so sore from dehydration that walking was absolutely painful. The regular room temperature air was so cold to my unhappy body that it too created pain each time I had to move.

The absolute worse was wanting a bucket of water with a huge straw. Sadly, I knew that doing so would result in more sickness. So, slowly I sipped myself back to hydration.

Conan did his best to travel between his sick family and work. Poor guy had a lot to deal with, and I appreciated his efforts. By about 10 o’clock last night I was finally feeling more myself safe a bit of weakness and a head ache.

This morning I emerged from bed, well rested, and feeling close to normal. My stomach is still to small to desire much for food. I lost just over 6 pounds, mostly water I am sure, but in one day that was pretty crazy to think about. I had been hiding in our room the past couple of days, so wandering out into the rest of the house was a great wake-up call. Yes, my family needs me to be well! I have a kitchen, laundry, and many other messes to get caught back-up on.

So, the goal for today, is to continue to hydrate. My kitchen will be back to working order if it takes me most of the day, and the laundry will be well on its way also.

Oddly, it was comforting to know that I am needed. It was great to be able to take care of my family until they were better. My darling children did their best to comfort me and “take care of mama”. Now with sunshine as my soul lifting guide, fresh air to encourage my attitude, and a challenge to meet, I may not be fully recovered, but I feel very much alive!

Thanks for stopping by!
– Jenn
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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