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Conan took me to dinner last night at one of our favorite places in town. Sitting in the bustling restaurant I heard many new and exciting things. Some sentences which I am sure will make it into my creative writing class. “Hey, what is that look for? Did I say something STUPID?” (Picture with drunken slur) Ah the things you hear when you go to dine.

Anyways we were celebrating a couple accomplished goals, one which involves this very blog. I was most fortunate enough to have quadrupled my reader hits this past few months. So a special thanks goes out to each and everyone of you die hard fans, who take the time out of your busy lives to read the many crazy posts I have put you poor things through. On a positive note, I hope that at some point I have eased your boredom pains.

We have had a difficult couple of weeks. Conan especially is feeling strain from work. So I thought it extra sweet when unprompted his two year old Who-Rae, very lovingly told her daddy that “he is beautiful”. I think he really needed to hear that.

Aren’t those babes so very sweet. Their love is felt so differently because of their intensity and innocents. It is hard to understand the honest compliment of a child until your heart has swelled from one.

Thanks for Stopping By!!

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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