Blood, Sweat, and Tears

"Writing styles are not easy to come by, they are forged by fire, they are cooled by the tears of ones own eyes, and they are oiled by the authors own blood; sheathing that style is an entirely new level of pain." - Shy willow

Monday, February 4, 2013

Garbley Gook

We had an interesting day yesterday. All in all I would say it turned out well. I tried out an idea I skimmed across on pinterest, and it turned out to be a big hit! That is right I busted out my two mini muffin pans, filled um up with sweet corn bread batter, squished in a slice of hot dog, and viola mini corn dogs! Of course the joy was they were gluten free, and Pumpkin hadn't had his favorite dinner food in months. Touch down!

I enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere at my parents house, we enjoyed mini corn dogs, Dad's neffla soup, and his famous chili atop of some hot dogs. Now truth be told, I am not in the least a hot dog fan, but part of the experience is the food right?

I was a bit taken back when my dad told me he wasn't interested in watching the half time show. I thought Beyoncé was everyone's favorite lip syncing singer. Wow! I had not really seen her preform prior to the Super Bowl. I thought it was interesting to read all of the explosive reviews on Facebook after her half time show. People either loved her, or "loathed her entirely" I found no reviews that were luke warm!

We listened to the announcers squabble over the light outage, watched a slam bang finish, then headed home with over tired kiddos. Once home, I finished up my reading for the week, and wrote my homework reviews. At this point my tummy hurt so bad from sampling my dad's soup, as I don't consume milk products because of allergy, the cream base though fabulous was more painful than I had recalled while that loveliness was dancing with my tongue.  

Anyways, now it is a quick get ready session as we are off to the dentist today for our 6 month evaluation. We love our dentists and their staff, and drive a ways to go and see them. However, our hopes were that with continuous care, and a great facility the munchins would not fear dentists.

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