“Those Days”

Hello there

Have you ever had one of those days where extra caution has to be taken?

You know those days where you pick out an outfit because you feel it accentuates something about you that makes you feel good. Those particular days I find myself wearing darker colors than normal.

Those days where you do your hair with a little, or lets be honest, a lot more flair than normal. Perhaps, like my style today, a special braid, with a lot more product than usual and even some sweet little curls.

A day where the usual make-up artistry is just not enough. No not at all, in fact playing with new lines around the eyes, different colors, and an exciting flair is more fitting for these sort of days.

How about knowing that the day is going to require a few of your favorite comfort items. A good deal of coffee for example, a favorite snack item, a good book, a warm sweater and a cozy comfy place to hide.

It seems for one reason or another, or perhaps several reasons all squeezed together quite tightly, that has been my week. Today the worst of it; I am enjoying my dark clothes, coffee, extra dark purple make-up, some writing, a book, my favorite sweater, and here in a minute one of my favorite blankets and quiet time.

I have had the experience of being down before, and generally I try to get myself to be more active. I also bump up my vitamins a good deal. A dear friend of my send me some research on certain vitamins that us northern folks lack which in turn cause some terrible happenings within a persons body. I try to also go a bit easier on myself knowing that I am always harder on myself now than at any other time.

Writing has always been something that I enjoyed, not only for these sort of situation, but as a creative release to express all sorts of interesting thoughts and ideas. However, with my current class rather than being a release it is a graded activity and I have found myself critiquing my work much harder than is normal even for me.

A fail safe however, is reading. I love to read, though I find little time for it, and have a rather noisy house. I am working on a good classic right now that takes me away to the far seas and leaves me wondering what on earth is going to happen next.

Another place that I often find comfort reading is other people’s blogs. I enjoy some blog authors’ abilities to write their life down with so much flair, emotion, and sense of humor. A good laugh is always very helpful. I did run across another site here a few weeks ago while I was blog hopping, and though she is generally more straight forward, I find a lot of good idea’s and encouragement from her writing. I decided it was time to share the wealth. So if you are interested, Gaye at Calm Healthy Sexy writes to help you feel Calm, Healthy and Sexy.

Whatever the reason may be, there are just those days, or even weeks that things just don’t feel quite right. I like to weather the storm by reminding myself of all the good things going in my life. I have to remind myself that I have a lot on my plate right now and that occasionally feeling overwhelmed is OK. I have to remind myself that this will pass, and before I know it this will be in the past and something I wont even remember tomorrow.

How do you deal with your, “those days”?

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~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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