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I have really enjoyed putting lots of fun and exciting tid bits on the blog. One of the things that I came across towards the end of last year was the Goodreads‘ ticker showing off my reading goals for the year. In the case you haven’t visited before, reading is one of my favorite hobby’s. It is true, I am kinda nerdy that way. In fact these last few months I have picked up reading some of the classics. Being something I have always wanted to do, I decided, no time like the present!

Sadly, last year my eyes were bigger than my reading stomach. I think I would have done a bit better had I not needed to do so much reading for my college classes.  However, that has not stopped me from trying again this year.

I have also come across fun social media gadgets, and nifty other do-dads, which got me thinking, if you could have a little window that would do anything you wanted it to do, What would you have it do?

Of course I can come up with a lot of things that I could have easier. A click of the button and Bingo! my housework done. Or a window that always has the information that I am looking for, that one would be amazing! I need a window that lets me know when Conan is going to be late, that would be equally amazing on some days!

On the other hand it got me thinking that the work behind many experiences is what makes it exciting in the first place. For example, having a college education is a great thing, but it is the work behind that label that really counts for something. The work behind a delicious meal is sometimes what makes the meal as delicious as it is.

As much as I love technology, I do! remember I said it is in my nerdy ways, there are times that it makes me sad to see how much people depend on technology, when they are missing some of the fun behind life experiences.

Now when I say people obviously I myself fall into this category on occasion. I enjoy the ease of finding information that I need. I enjoy the social connections with old friends and classmates that I would not have had without technology, and I also enjoy the opportunity technology affords me to further my goals more easily. The ease of these cans can at times leave you feeling more connected to a computer than life and the people who surround you on a daily basis.

Still the idea is fun, what would your technology advancement do?

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