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Good morning, and welcome to a bright, sunny, warm (considering the season and our location) Sunday. I absolutely love a thick curtain of healing sunshine bursting through our windows. Something about the rays bouncing off of my face lifts my tired mood and reminds me that I am indeed alive. The timing could not be better!

We were unable to get ourselves to service this morning, which seems to be something that has been the norm lately, whether it is a slew of terrible happenings or just complete and absolute fatigue. Adding to the stress of the day I have put off my own homework to the point where I know catching up is going to be painful. We have also had sick, hurt, sad, and stressed kids for what feels like an eternity. Conan has been traveling and very busy with work, also putting a strain on our relationship.

Of course I could go on with the different stresses and factors that have made being an adult very difficult lately. However, those precious rays of sunshine are holding me tightly and I am indeed reminded to remember my more optimistic self, pick up the pieces and fight harder.

Conan is blessed to have the job that he has, in fact deep down inside he really does like what he does. Adjusting to change is hard, but like that cool book “Who Moved My Cheese” he is just learning how to run again.

The kids are growing up, they are learning about life, death, and most importantly the value of health and love. Though it is hard to see them in these times struggle, I have to be thankful that they get to have these experiences regardless of how hard it is at times.

My homework is also a blessing. I am so happy to get the opportunity to fulfill a dream that has lived in myself for years. My mom used to tell me that “anything worth doing is worth doing right” I also tend to feel that valuable experiences have hard work and growth behind them.

We miss our christian family, but looking at the situation, we know where we have been, and what we have been doing. We understand the decisions we have made, and the part we feel the very worst about is worrying about the judgment of those that we love. All too often in life we worry about the things we cannot change, the thoughts of others, the circumstances beyond our control. We have a firm resolve that we do know where we want to be, and we will be there, however sometimes things come up that must be taken care of.

Conan fixing Pumpkins Coaster

So here I sit, long story written, with sun on my lap and face, gently rocking in my comfy chair, watching my children relax because the home dynamic is better for them now that their dad is back home. I am watching Conan help Pumpkin fix his newest contraption, the girls are playing various games together, and very peacefully. 

All that mixed together seems to balance out to a moment of peace. Yes, there is a lot of work to be done. Yes, things are not easy or absolutely wonderful, but right now at this brief moment, there is peace.

I am thankful for the moment of peace and the sunshine.

And for those of you who are fans, happy Super Bowl Sunday, may your team bring you joy and excitement!

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~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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