Garble is Right!

Good Evening! Have you ever had one of those day? You know the ones, the ones where things just seem to be universally bent against you…

Last night I had the fun few hours to have my precious nieces over, with a house full of five children, I was running through the laundry to help make Conan’s packing easier. You know I have had an interesting day with at 10 o’clock at night I am ironing in the living room, with the lights dimmed so that my nieces can sleep.

Fast forward a few hours, and I am waving Conan good-bye for a few days of business excitement. Ok, I think this is where I went wrong. I went back to bed. I cozied back up with my pillow, smiled with comfort and drifted back to the land of zzz’s.

Once the house was hoping and I had enjoyed a few phone conversations, I opted to enjoy a nice hot shower. I was right in the middle of thinking to myself, Ah, when a shout came at the door. The only word I could make out of Pumpkin’s frantic shouting was alarm.

I grabbed my towel and ran for the security alarm control panel, just in time for it to start into the next phase of frantic alarm sounds. While holding my towel, making puddles on the floor, and hoping the neighbors didn’t hear the ruckus, I waited for the security company to call through the intercom so that I could confirm that “yes, we are all still just fine, and no sir, my two year old was trying to let our dog’s outside, *insert uncomfortable laugh”.

I quickly dodged back to finish my shower. Then things started to jive a bit better. The usual sounds were heard through the house, and I was getting things accomplished!

At that point I realized that I was daydreaming while loading the dishwasher, and rather than filling the soap compartment with the correct dishwasher friendly liquid, I had used the dreaded super-bubble liquid meant for hand washing dishes.

Thankful I had caught my error, I rinsed the suds from the dish rag I had used to clean up my mess. Of course I realized when the sink was completely full of suds I had barely squeaked by disaster this time.

Of course, I can say that all in all we have had a pretty good day. Nothing broken, no police officers swarming our home guns drawn, no suds floating away my little ones, overall a good deal. But BOY am I off today!!

Thanks for Stopping By!!
~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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