A Year Ago Today


Welcome to A Year Ago Today. A year ago today I published a post that weighed pretty heavy on me. For some reason it had to be put down in text. I am glad that I was able to express my feelings, and I was surprised by how many people privately responded to the post.

Drive Into Your Personal Storm occurred during a period of self reflection, and it tied easily to my brief disappointment in the way drivers in our area were handling a snow storm we’d had.

At the time this article was originally published, I had only a few posts on A Mom’s Handbook. Now a year later, I have published many more posts, been featured on other blogs, made great new blog author friends, joined a network for the fun of it, challenged myself with goals; some met others not quite yet, and learned a great deal about what you don’t do with a blog.

During this past year we have also had children learn to read. We have learned more about the kiddos learning styles and how to better encourage them. We have read many new books, and had hundreds of questions asked and explored.

This year has brought a bit of stability to the big changes that we made in our diet. We have gotten better at expanding our diet, making alterations to existing recipes, and being less afraid to fail in our day to day cooking experiments.

I have also re-started school since I published Drive Into Your Personal Storm. We had added new sports, arts, and interests to keep the kids busy and get them involved. Amazing what happens in a year. Sometimes it takes sitting down and really thinking about it before you appreciate the challenges and accomplishes you have met.

This next year holds several new adventures, some that I know I will have no control over, and some that I hope to guide myself and our children through. I hope that when we look back a year from now, we will be proud of some accomplishments, glad for lessons learned, and hopeful for many more new experiences to come; just as we are this year.

Best of luck to you in your next year. Don’t forget to reflect on last year and look for all those good things, not just the difficult!

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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