Greek Chemistry and Gluten Free Baking

Good Morning!

I am checking in as my cranberry, cinnamon and vanilla oatmeal (My Ultra-Secret recipe) is cooking to its delicious perfectionism.


Anyone who has had the experience of cooking wheat or gluten free (I do know there is a huge difference in the two) for awhile knows that in some ways it is very simple and easy; and in other ways it is like taking chemistry from a teacher that speaks Greek.



For our family it seems the truly difficult times come when the kiddos see someone eating one of the old favorite things, that they can no longer enjoy themselves. For example Granny Smith’s ultra-fabulous cinnamon caramel rolls. (Granny Smith is my mother, we had been discussing apples with Who-Rae and I told her that Granny was coming over; she says Granny Smith? and so it stuck, and yes Granny Smith seems to love her own special nickname!)



Copyright Jenn Grossi

Gluten Free Baked Caramel Rolls

I do venture into new recipes, and I do experiment with recipes and flours to come up with exciting and sometimes odd adaptations of some of our favorite comfort foods. Although my version held no candle to Granny Smiths heavenly rolls, I was able to create something that was nearly exact in flavor. Now the texture is a different story, but success came in the form of rolls that though were not traditional in texture, where not terrible in texture either. Success!!

Obviously I have had more than my fair share of recipes turn out utterly terrible. I have had brownies that would have made great construction material, I have also had brownies that made better silly putty than palatable food. I have had bread that looked beautiful but tasted so strongly no one would let it touch their plates. Pancakes took awhile to master, and it seems Conan is proud of his own perfect recipe, and he should be my sister even likes them.

Well my secret recipe oatmeal is ready to be enjoyed by hungry children. A bit of our favorite sweetener and a splash of creamy almond milk really makes their morning!

(By the way I am sorry for all the side stories, and parenthesis!) 

Until next time…

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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