31 December Days to Pamper

Whether or not you are a Flylady fan, taking the month of December to take extra care for yourself, as you are gifting others, is a great idea! So in honor of the Flylady, and all those out there in need of some pampering time, and equally important – pampering ideas, I welcome and invite you to the (duh duh DAAA) 31 December Days to Pamper.
First I should mention I do not get paid to bring up the Flylady on my posts, secondly I am not that good at following her advice, although I find it wonderful, and finally if you have some pampering ideas you would like to see added to this years list, please feel free to email me or comment below!
Happy Holidays!

31 December Days to Pamper


copyright: Shy Willow

Day 1…
Pluck those eyebrow hairs that just don’t seem to belong, while you are at it, if there are other hairs out of place and taking up unwelcome space, take some time to have a talk with them. For those gentleman, now is the perfect time for a nice lavish shave or trim, but make sure to pamper yourself. Get out that old fashion saving soap, a nice hot towel, and don’t forget that fabulous aftershave!
Stay tuned for more to follow…


31 December Days to Pamper … Day 2

copyright: Shy Willow

Today would be a great day for a pedicure! Pull out those clippers, files, cuticle cream, exfoliation stones, smelly lotions, essential oils and other equally wonderful potions. Feet are ever so important and keeping care of those hardworking body parts often go ignored far too long because we are too busy. Take the time to pamper those feet and enjoy the feeling of refreshed piggies!


31 December Days to Pamper … Day 3
Now that you have those piggies clean, comfortable, and smelly good it is time to give them a paint job! Shine um up and make them feel special.
OK I do realize that there are some men folk out there who probably would rather not paint their toes. So you gentleman can take a few minutes to shine up those boots or favorite shoes. Time to inspect for wear, tears, damage and dirt. Make sure those handsome piggies have a nice ride!!


Day 4-
Time to start paying attention to those hands! A manicure is in order for today. Hands get used so often, and between washing, drying, cleaning, childcare, driving, writing, cooking, and typing it seems like they are always on the move. It is time to give those fingers a break for some extra loving! Break out those files, stones, clippers, creams, lotions and potions!

Day 5 here, and we enjoyed a lovely manicure yesterday. Today is the day we follow up that manicure with some nail polish. Make those lovely nails glow in whatever fashion is yours. Perhaps you aren’t one to put color on those fingernails, that is OK buff um till they shine!

There is that possibility that you already have your favorite color, or of course you are one of those men folk type that are opposed to polish and nail buffing. Perhaps a nice hand massage is right up your alley. Pull out your favorite lotion, hand cream, or essential oil and give those mitts a nice rub!

Welcome to Day 6 of our 31 December Days to Pamper!
Today we are focusing on hair. Many people have their hair care routine down, but today we are going to schedule that hair cut to be looking sharp for those upcoming holiday parties, and family get together. However, rather than rushing to get in and get out, make sure to get your favorite beverage, slow down a bit, and enjoy your time to take care of yourself.
All to often routine pampering moments become less about taking care of ourselves and more about looking our best. Why not look our best, enjoy the time doing it, and treat ourselves to a coffee!

For those fine gentle-men-folks out there I realize that a barber shop is often less than exciting, perhaps it is time to spring for a new style or maybe even try out a die job! If that still does not seem like a good time, perhaps a quick trip to the local sporting goods shop is a great treat after your visit with Barber Joe!

Hello, and welcome to Day 7 of the 31 December Days to Pamper series. So far we have enjoyed some great tips and hints to slow down and take extra care of yourself this month. For many people it is not the finances or the many gatherings that cause the extra stress, it is the overly busy calendar that keeps you hopping without stopping.
So for Day 7 we are focusing on stopping. Put in those ear buds, pick-up that book, grab that pillow, jump on that treadmill or bike, and take time purposefully out of your day to enjoy yourself. Perhaps all you need is your favorite drink, and to sit in the quiet peacefulness, or maybe you need to visit your favorite sauna or hot tub. Whatever you do to unwind, do it today.

Welcome to Day 8 of our December pamper series. For those who have not been following along, take a look back we have been enjoying daily pamper posts. Taking care of yourself all year long is very important and seems to be skipped during stressful times, or times of higher than usual responsibility. So even if you can not follow daily, scan the posts when you do have a few minutes and take up your favorite for a good break in routine.

copyright: Shy Willow

I have been mixing up some exciting bath products. I had no idea how simple, yet rewarding that effort can be. Today we are going to mix up some sugar scrub. Grab a bowl, add some sugar, a bit of olive oil or other quality oil, and if you wish a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. Now mix, and then get busy! Scrub those feet, legs, hands, arms, and any other bodily location that could use a bit of refreshing. Then rinse.
For those manly types you are not get off that easy this time, sorry! You can use some fresh soft skin also. Grab some sugar add your favorite body wash, mix-um-up and then scrub and rinse. This formula makes a great hand wash for those mechanic types also.

Go on ahead and sweeten the deal by following up with some smelly-good or excellent quality manly lotion. In a few moments you will have wonderful feeling fresh skin, with a few simple ingredients that many people have stocked up this time of year.

Welcome back to Day 9,
Yesterday we enjoyed a nice sugar scrub. Today is the day we enjoy some bath salts! Whether you make your own, or have your favorite bath salts, today is a great day to draw up that nice hot bath, poor in some of that smelly goodness, and enjoy the relaxing properties of bath salts.

Perhaps a nice relaxing drink is in order. Maybe you are one that likes to read in the tub. Perhaps some candles and gentle music is in order. Whatever your particular style, soak up some relaxation with today’s Bath Salts pampering extravaganza!

Hello and welcome to this blustery 10th day of December! For those who have not tuned in to our previous posts, we are covering 31 days to Pampering this month. So far we have spend some time with our hands, our feet, our skin, and of course our bath tubs. Don’t fret there is still so much more to cover!
It is amazing how those creature comforts really are comforting. There can be amazing comfort in history and tradition also. Today we are going to pull up one of those recipes that remind us of our childhood, whether you cook it, bake it, order it, or share it, today is the day to relax with some food that pampers you with good ole family tradition, memories, and heritage. So whatever the custom is gather the food, accomplish the tradition, and enjoy a few minutes of pampered bliss.

11 Good evening, and welcome to Day 11 of our December pampering series. I just am finishing a pretty busy day, that followed an intense night of homework, reading, and even some near tear experiences. Conan is off on a business trip, the kids are in slumber land, and so for my pampering this evening I opted from some good old stress relieving exercise.
Yes that is correct. Part of the idea behind pampering is taking care of your needs that you might sometimes neglect (or all the time). I have been down with pneumonia, for those who hadn’t been following this month’s posts, and I really had the urge to burn some negative vibes.

So whether you like, walking, biking, running, weight training, swimming, jumping, dancing, yoga, Pilate’s, the latest exercise sensation, or good old fashion isometrics, take the time to take care of yourself. Burn some stress and feel good about taking care of your body, remember it is the only one you get!

Welcome to day 12 of our December pampering month. Generally we think of pampering as something that we do that is out of the everyday norm. However, if you look at what the word means you may see that we are supposed to overindulge or even gorge ourselves. OK so we don’t need to be overly dramatic but the point in pampering is to make a brief moment of reprieve really count for something.
Today’s pampering idea is just that, stow away for awhile to your nearest sauna and enjoy a few peaceful moments of heat, relaxation, and relative quietness. Make certain a sauna is safe for you, if there are any concerns or question make sure to seek out your trained medical professional. Make sure to take your favorite refreshing beverage, and enjoy some time out of the norm to (over)indulge yourself.
13 Good Morning! Welcome to day 13 of our Pamper series. Can you believe how close we are getting to the Christmas holiday?
This month we are exploring tips, hints, and ideas for pampering ourselves. Of course pampering is not exclusive to us women folk, so keep in mind you men folk that indulging a bit is actually a good thing.
Yesterday we visited a sauna to steam, or melt-away or woes, today we are going to bubble those aches, pains, and stressed away in a nice comfortable way. Whether you have your own hot tub, or have to borrow a friends, or even visit a local gym, today we are going to go soak in some heat, and enjoy a head to toe relaxing experience.
Happy Pampering!!

Welcome to day 14, of Shy’s pampering series. Today’s indulging idea comes in response to the terrible tragedy felt by Americans this week.
To pamper ourselves today, we are going to grab hold of our kids and squeeze them, hang out with them, make some special time for our family, friends and loved ones! Take a few minutes out of your daily routine to indulge yourselves in the ones you love!


Day 15 of our Pamper series marks that half-way spot this month. Looking back we have had our favorite foods, drinks, pampered our feet, our faces, and our hands. Do not worry however, there is plenty more to come.
Today we are going to put on our favorite, relaxing, music, fill up a bucket with some hot water, as hot as we can safely and comfortably handle, which for some may be luke warm, dump in some back salts or your favorite foot soak recipe, and give those puppies a break.
This pampering session we can focus on taking a break from all that running around. Don’t forget your favorite snack or beverage, if a music doesn’t do it for you, grab a book or magazine, and enjoy some soothing quite time.

Just an idea for those busy mom’s with little kiddos who love to spend quality time with mom. If you can’t manage it without company, fill a bath tub size foot soak and have those cuties rest their tootsies with you!.

Welcome to Day 16 in Shy’s quest to share tips, hints, and ideas for pampering yourself throughout the month.

For those who have been following along, today we are journeying back to our face. Our faces seem to be the first thing a person looks at, hence the reason we spend money, time, and effort doing our faces and hair. Rather than scrubbing, painting, moisturizing, waxing, and shaving that sensitive skin, today we are going to pamper it back to the land of the living.

Today is the day we play with facial masks. Of course not all gentlemen type enjoy a facial mask, or the perceived embarrassment. However, some men find them soothing and relaxing, especially after a shave. For those who aren’t up for the facial thing perhaps it is time to go hunt out a new razor, aftershave, or shaving cream. Pamper yourself with a new product to help that shaving process be a bit more enjoyable!
Facial masks serve many useful purposes. Decided what you wish it to do, and then simply look up a recipe to make at home, or purchase the mask that is right for you.
The recipe that I favor is simply ground up oatmeal, which you can do in the blender or food processor, a bit of honey, and some tea tree oil. I have heard and read that adding yogurt is quite nice, however my allergy to milk leaves me hesitant to try it out.
Slap it on, relax, rest, read, or whatever your fancy, wash it off, and finally feel pretty in your new fresh skin glow!
Here are a few links I have found for various homemade mask concoctions…
Oatmeal and Yogurt
Coffee and Cocoa Mask – this one sounds very nice, I may have to try it next!!
Marie Clair
Homemade Face Mask

Garden of Beauty
Today is the 17th day in our pamper series, and trust me today is the day we have all been waiting for! Today to pamper ourselves we are going to get out that vacuum cleaner and clean out that closet we have been neglecting.
OK I am joking don’t leave yet!

Picture from Pinterest

Today we are going to schedule a massage with our favorite professional, our spouse, a friend, or someone willing to exchange massage labor for payment with a massage in return.

Leave the vacuum in the closet, and go enjoy some wonderful muscle relaxation.


Hello and welcome to day 18’s post of pampering in December. Pampering, as we discussed in earlier posts, is about indulging yourself in comforts, perhaps a bit more than usual. We have pampered our feet, hands, face, body, and skin, so it is high time we focus on something a bit different.
Today we pamper our inner self. How? Simple, aromatherapy. Regardless of how you accomplish this mission, indulge a bit. Are you the type that doesn’t normally wear scented lotion, well darling pick a fragrance that is soothing, or uplifting, or even invigorating, which ever suits your current needs, and rub it into to that skin and enjoy it all day long!

Perhaps some aromatherapy oils in a warmer, in your comfy place with some music, and cucumber eyes will refresh your soul and calm the mind. Whichever you see being the best for you, take the time to indulge those senses!

Hello and welcome to Day 19 of Shy’s Pampering all month series.


Pinterest Pic

Today we are going to use some of that sugar scrub we made on Day 8. Often times our spend just enough time on our hands to keep them comfortable and somewhat presentable, today we are going to go one step farther to ensure they are healthy, and looking their best.
Step one, sugar scrub it up. Take and polish those hands and digits to remove that old, dry, and dull skin. Wash um up, and follow up with an extra thick layer of lotion. Make sure to use a good quality lotion, or home made skin oils like olive or coconut, to make sure to hydrate that skin. Next, we are going to throw on some gloves to help soak in that moisture. Leave those gloves on as long as you can, overnight won’t hurt, just make certain your gloves are not overly tight.
After you have had enough of the gloves, take them off, and follow-up with you favorite fragrance lotion-potion.

Enjoy those soft hands!!


Good Morning, and welcome to Day 20 of Shy’s 31 Days to Pamper. It is hard to believe that this series is coming to an end… it has been so much fun!
We have been bouncing around enjoying all sorts of relaxation and indulgence. Today we are going to once again bounce to a different kind of indulgence.


All through the month of December people are gifting things back and forth. We try hard to remember our friends, family, neighbors, group acquaintances, babysitters, and all sorts of indulgences. Today we are going to indulge a friend, spouse, or family member. However, the focus is not the holiday, it is bringing the gift of pampering to someone else who we see truly needs it. Maybe you know a young mom who needs to learn the value of indulging the sense, pass on the knowledge!

Today we are going to indulge our feel-good senses by helping someone else to feel better. Gentlemen, does one of your buddies really need some, out-of-house time? Perhaps it is time you reconnect with a friend for a fishing trip, golf round, or some time at the local sports shop.



Good day and welcome to Day 21 of Shy’s December pampering series. We have enjoyed a variety of pampering ideas, and there is still more to come.
We are focusing on the inside once again today. We have lots of goodies in store for the upcoming holiday, so for today, research a yummy salad, bust out one of those healthy recipes or snacks, and pamper yourself with extra vitamins and minerals.

During this time of year it is easy to get on the merry-go-round, and forget the importance of taking care of ourselves. Remember to slow down and make that extra effort to keep yourself well running!


Welcome to Day 22 of Shy’s Pampering series. We have been exploring ways to indulge a bit more than usual all throughout the month of December.
Today we are going to get our creative juices flowing a bit, and bring to our homes, offices, desks, or even our cars a special decorative touch. Decorate with something that will make you smile each time you see it. Make sure it is something you like, perhaps make a special trip out for finding this new decoration.

Maybe this is the time to go ahead and take the plunge and redo the decor in your bathroom or bedroom. Whatever it is take the time that you have been skipping to grace your space with something special.


Hello and welcome to the 23rd pampering post! We are going to focus on a new sense to indulge today. Time to seek out a fragrance to add to your home, car, or office. Think about a scent that is comforting, invigorating, calming, or that reminds of you something wonderful.
One of my favorite scents to put around my house is coffee. Brewing a pot of coffee can not be beat, but I do not brew coffee all day. So when I want that fabulous smell to linger a bit longer I put some beans in a pretty vase, or decorative container and enjoy the long lasting aroma throughout our home.

Remember pampering is about taking the time to indulge yourself a bit more than normal. Take that extra time to do something special and smelly-good for yourself today!


Welcome to day 24 of Shy’s DIY pampering series. Today we are going to tickle those taste buds with something wonderful. Pampering those senses, today is the day to find something tasty to tantalize our unique sense of appealing flavor.
Perhaps you love chocolate, caramel, coffee, or caramel coffee (uh-hem), steak, artichokes, chocolate cake, pineapple-upside-down cake, lemon loaf, salted hot cocoa, whatever your special tasty treat. You know that one special treat that you just do not get too often? That is the one!


Pick it up, make it, whatever it is that makes it super special, pick your special place or space, and make an event of indulging your taste buds in something tasty-wonderful!



Welcome to Day 25 of our pampering series. Today we are going to focus on yet another of our senses that we can rest, in fact we are concentrating on two of them.

All to often sound pollution becomes a normal part of our day. Constant stimulation gives us little time to rest and put our guards down. So for the first part of today’s pampering tip, we are going to purposely find some quite time. This is often difficult to manage, especially in households with small children. The quite time you create to here your own thoughts is priceless!
Of course another contributing factor to over stimulation comes from the visual arena. While you find yourself some quite time it makes it convenient to also rest those eyes. Perhaps a short nap is what you need, or some cool cucumber slices to refresh those peepers, whichever you find suits you take the time to rest those ears and eyes!
Pamper yourself with a break from the ordinary!

Day 26-
Sorry Gents! Today is mainly a ladies pampering post. Today we are going to pamper our artistic expression by playing with our make-up. I realize that some of you may actually play with your make-up often, however, I know that there are several of those who, like me, stick to what works.
We are going to give ourselves a make-up makeover. If your beautiful creation isn’t something you would walk out of your house with, oh well at least you had fun trying something new! Perhaps you will get lucky and try out a new look that you would love to model as you are out and about. Either way, prep that skin, paint it up with some color, try some new colors you may never wear, and enjoy the time to be artistic!
Day 27-
You didn’t think I would leave you hanging this month with only one fabulous bath time soak did you?
No way, not this gal. However there is a slight change in plans, instead of a relaxing soak in bath salts, we are going to enjoy a wonderful bath oil soak. Bath oil helps to soften and moisturize the skin. I find that my favorite bath oil also adds a wonderful shine to my hair.
So pick up your favorite bath oil, or find one that has a scent that you are drawn to, draw up some hot water, and enjoy the time to relax! Don’t forget a beverage of your choosing, perhaps some candles to give those eyes a break from the bright artificial lights in your home, and even some comforting music to help relax those ears and brain circuits!

Welcome to Day 28! Today we are working the spa at home! According to Wholeliving the key to getting rid of that dry winter skin is as simple as slicing an orange! So for day 28 we are going to continue to soften up that skin!
First off we are going to slice that orange in half and squeeze one half into a bowl. Next, with the unsqueezed half we are going to rub on that wonderful fresh fruit fragrance onto our elbows, feet, hands, and anywhere else you have dry and rough skin.
Finally, with the fresh squeezed goodness we are going to create our best recipe for sugar scrub. Scrub that wonderful stuff on to those pretreated orangey areas, and then rinse off!
A spa treatment, with natural goodness, all in the convenience of home, affordable, and beneficial all at the same time! You can’t beat that!

I wish you the very best in your citrus spa ventures!!

Hello and welcome to day 29 of Shy’s 31 December Days of pampering. So far we have indulged the senses, pampered our skin, soothed our nerves and our ears, masked, scrubbed, and of course soaked away our tension; so today we are once again headed in a new direction.
One thing we have been working on throughout the month is learning that indulging a bit everyday, even with simple indulgences, matters more than those big and expensive pampering sessions that leave us feeling guilty about the time and cost involved.
One thing I find myself often saying is, “I wish I had more time for…” So today you are going to pick up your hobby, or than thing that you wish you had more time for, and indulge yourself in a bit of “me time”.

So perhaps you are one of those saying that you do not have a hobby. That is OK, indulge yourself with new fun and exciting things to try out, until you find your unique interest. Indulge yourself in a bit of time to relax and find some enjoyment each day.


Day 30-
Today’s pampering tip may not be a relaxing treat for everyone, if you fall into this category I have 29 days prior of helpful hints and tips to pamper yourself, simply pick whichever you find most exciting.
On occasion I find a simple car ride with or without a specific destination, with my favorite beverage, and either my music turned up louder than normal, or even not sound whatsoever, is quite the treat. It is nice at times to get in the vehicle, and take an outing that is not hurried, over planned, and serving of very specific purposes.

Today treat yourself to a bit of relaxation, dare to be free!


Day 31-
Today we are going to dress up for no reason. When we were children we emulated our parents or hero’s. Nothing like that. We are going to dress our best, for no one but ourselves. It is nice to on occasion dress up and feel that confidence that seems to cling to you all day long. I can think of several good reasons to dress up, and sadly several terrible ones, but the very best reason is for yourself!
I hope you have enjoyed this pampering series. Stay tuned to see what Shy is up to next!

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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