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Yesterday, as I was hopping around on a new blog hop party hosted by Not Just a Housewife, I came across an article about using coconut oil as a conditioner and adding shine to those lovely locks. If you are interested in reading Michelle‘s article you can click her name and be directed to that particular post! So then of course I decided that a post on useful and frugal hair care was in order.

Those of us who have spent any amount of time on Pinterest scanning the seemingly limitless photos, it never fails that you come come across an amazing hair style, or even just plain amazing hair. It is very easy to assume that those fabulous dos that stand out are likely actresses, actors, or hair models. Or at the very least that those locks have had many expensive products caressed through them.

However, that is not necessarily the case. There are several frugal hair care tips and tricks available for products that wont break the bank. I will be the first to admit there are plenty of frugal recipes available that aren’t actually saving you any cash. For example, creating a cheap soap for you hair that dries it out and leaves you frizzy costs you more time, heart ache, and in the end more products to correct the damage you did trying to save those dollars. However, there are recipes that are very good for your hair and scalp, without over drying your hair, or adding a ridiculous amount of build up.

One product that was recommended to me by my sister and stylist, is not necessarily the most frugal product by expense. However, I have noticed that Morrocaniol saves me money in the end because I use a great deal less product in my hair to achieve the look that I am craving that particular day. I enjoy the benefit of shine, wonderful conditioning, and gentle frizz control.

On the other end of the spectrum one additional hair conditioning treatment I have experimented with is mayo. For those not afraid to try something a bit out of the ordinarily, wash that beautiful hair, dry it with a towel, slather on the protein and fat rich condiment, wrap it up with a towel, shower cap, or plastic bag, and wait as long as you can handle the fragrance. I found 15 -20 minutes was about as long as I good go, but still found amazing results. Rinse out, for those who really can’t handle the smell wash out with your regular soap, and style as normal. Enjoy those shiny compliments that you get all day! Obviously this is a deep treatment that a person generally is not going to repeat daily. Play with it and see what you can come up with!

Woman’s Day online has a list available of several homemade hair care solutions available for several different types of hair. So if you are not necessarily in need of a deep treatment there are more solutions that just might benefit you.

Perhaps coconut oil is not something you would use enough of to warrant the cost of purchasing new, do you have olive oil in your home? Try that out, smooth it in for deep conditioning and added shine, leave in for roughly a half hour under a shower cap or plastic bag, and then wash out.

Money Saving Queen has a recipe made from coconut milk, castile soap, and oil. The instruction can be found my following the link. For those who may be interested in an more natural homemade mixture. I would think that adding your favorite essential oil to the mix would add a lovely fragrance as well as assorted benefits depending on the oil of your liking!

Good Hair Diaries has suggestions for making your supplies stretch a good deal farther, as well as another recipe for making your own shampoo which utilized supplies you can buy at the grocery store.

Also, if you cannot be without that favorite salon brand, check out the closest salon supply store. These type of store often carry generic versions of your favorite salon brand, for less than half of the price! So you can have your hair care products, and your cash too!

Smithspirations has included in her blog another recipe that varies slightly, for creating your very own shampoo, in trend with the “no-poo” movement.

Other suggestions that I found included maintaining a hair length that you can care for frugally. Also, for those that are interested in the couponing trend, there are several web sites and blogs out there that say they can help you purchase many store brand hair care products for pennies on the dollar.


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