A Sunny new Friend

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A Mom’s Handbook

For those who may have read about the recent loss of our long time friend Oscar, I thought it important to share with you our exciting new comer.

This is Sunny, so named because of the bright colors she radiates. Sunny is a sun conure, which are nearly impossible to sex without DNA testing. But because of her demeanour, and her cuddly nature the children decided she is a she.

We have been getting adjusted to Sunny just as much as she is getting adjusted to us and our home. Sunny barks, clicks, and is learning new tricks like stepping up, and she has learned her name.

I can honestly say after having a cockatiel Sunny’s beak is somewhat intimidating. However, Sunny is sweet, gives kisses, and is very gentle taking food without any discomfort on my part.

We have been having a great time watching her eat new and exciting foods, in the photo to the right Sunny is enjoying a peel from a tart granny smith apple.

Researching our new companion and how to properly care for her has been enlightening. We have seen interesting videos, and even sad videos of birds not properly cared for.

Not everyone can appreciate having a bird as a pet, in fact we have found several people in our social circles that are quite frightened by our feathery friend. Having a bird for so long, I tend to forget how misunderstood they are.

On the other hand I think it very important people inform themselves before purchasing an avian friend. One such reason is Sunny’s expected life span ranges 30-40 years. That is a long time commitment that you may not realize when you see their very attractive colors and personalities.

Birds come in a variety of colors, talking skills, life expectancies, and even levels of difficulty to care for. Different species have different needs. Sunny’s particular personality is a very social, cuddly bird. She is quite loud, and does not have the clear mimicking talents of other parrots. Sunny likes to hang upside down, hide in my shirt, explore book shelves and furniture, and she is quite funny.

The following video is one that we found on YouTube while we were viewing videos about sun conures.


This is another video from YouTube we found on sun conures.

Sun conures seem to be known for their ability to learn tricks.


~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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