The Lorax

I am sure many of you are familiar with the newest Dr. Seuss-turned-move The Lorax. We recently watch this entertaining movie for the first time. Then of course since it quickly became Who-Rae’s favorite movie, we have watched it several more times. 

The pictures are quite colorful, the music was fantastic, and of course the story line was engaging. We do try to turn as many different movies and other situations into learning experiences for the children. No doubt we have had the opportunity to discuss quite a bit after this entertaining movie. 

Just as with many things each child seems to grip a certain portion of a discussion and run with it.

Pumpkin has really run with the environmental impact as well as greed. It is been interesting to see how he relates different things to this movie, that I never would have.

Sweet Pea likes the fuzzy, feathered, and scaled critters. She has also grasped a bit of the nature concept and of course the music connection is there.

Who-Rae loves the musical score from start to finish. She has pieces she dances to, pieces she sings along with, quite loud I might add, and pieces that she seems to understand to be a bit more casual or even serious. It has been interesting to watch her emotional development that she tied very easily with this movie.

Although it seems overly simple, I appreciate the lesson this movie has reminded me of. My children at different stages they find themselves in are all making relations to things in their world all of the time. The importance of that stimulation helps to shape who they are and how they relate to the world around them. Things that seem simple may truly still require a good deal of explanation and time to be fully understood.

So for those who can relate, as my two year old would say, The Wowax … “I say let it grow.

~Sensually Yours~
Shy Willow

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