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It has recently come to my attention that my husband does not have a proper blog nickname. I typically refer to him as “Husband” or “Hubby”. Since the very beginning he has been known by quite a few crazy nicknames that I have come up with over the years. However, there is a hard earned nickname he received during his many years playing and setting records in baseball.

As I mentioned he has had different names throughout the years, one that his parents called him when he was small was Moose. Of course my favorite nickname I certainly thought about adding to the blog, but I did think better of it, although it fits him very well, some things just don’t belong on the Internet.

Of course he has been called dad, daddy, Da-da and DADDIE! However, I do feel he needed to be distinguished a bit more that than for his Internet identity.

Other nicknames where distortions of his real name, and to others would probably be understood as gobbledy-gook, and although most everyone close to him would understand I certainly don’t think he deserves such an injustice! So for those who read about our craziness I would like to introduce you to Conan my own personal barbarian (meant with love of course).

Conan has been my best friend and companion for 9 years; in that time we have rebuilt truck engines, hiked at night time, shared stress and tears, enjoyed lots and lots of spagetti, started and ended a couple of businesses, experianced college with babies in the house, bought our first home together, have been blessed with three of the worlds most beautiful children – trust me on that one I am not at all biased, and experianced the pains of maturing together as we have changed from the people we initailly married, of course all of this has brought us closer in our present lives.

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