National Back to School Month

Can you hear the chorus of little voices across the country in unison squealing with delight. 
I can recall as a youngster the anticipation of a new school year and the heartache of an ending summer. I was usually excited to see friends again and when I was a bit older I was excited to play with the band again; practicing by yourself after an entire summer got a bit old. 

Having the privelidge of now watching my children react to the upcoming seasonal change and their starting and restarting school, although they do so at home, it is very amazing to watch their responses. Pumpkin is most effected, he is sad to see the summer go but is very excited to see snow again. Although school is a challenge for his attention he is excited to get back to a solid routine. We are celebrating the first day of school with the start of an orientation week, which I will be posting about soon, and we are working up our routine muscles to get back into good fuctioning habits.

Sweet Pea is all to excited to be joining in on more school fun this year. Although she understands that we have a season change coming she doesn’t appear to have as much of an emotional tie to either season. 

Who-Rae does what a toddler does, she plays, follows her siblings around the yard, steals her brothers work boots, is picky about her food, emulates her big sister, loves her dogs and is altogether sweet as can be.  She will on occasion be somewhat whiny but I was focusing on the good stuff.
I have read that there are several schools throughout the country that have already opened their doors and started session. We have a couple of weeks here yet before our local neighborhood children are no longer disturbing the evening peace. Regardless of where you are in your back to school time of life I hope you enjoy the seasonal change and take the time to appreciate the beautiful colors of fall. 

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